seedling pale leaves

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    Slow seedling growth: Help

    First time growing. Germination was quick. Originally, my plant seemed to be growing fine. Early on, I began noticing a slight yellow color appearing on my initial fan leaves. I Ignorantly decided to add fish fertilizer (4-1-1). Initially this brought back a greener look however it began to...
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    Newbie and first time grower

    Hey guys! First time grower here from the East Coast of Canada. How about them Raptors eh!? I’m 11 days into my first grow and things seem to be going well so far. Have been patient with the watering and consistently checking temp and humidity. I have two Master Kush plants and one White Widow...
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    CR #1 Seedling lower leaves are falling off early.
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    Seedlings' leaves drying - Can't find the reason

    Hello, I've planted my seeds a few weeks ago. In the last week the seedlings lost color, started getting yellow and one of them started drying out. I've been reading trying to find the causes but nothing really is helping. The soil had nutients and I watered one time with a nutrient solution...
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    Pale and brittle leaves on slow growing seedlings

    Hey everyone! This is my second grow. The first grow went surprisingly well without too many complications. However these current seedlings have already been out of the ground well over 2 weeks but the problem is that the bottom leaves are starting to turn very pale, without any spots, after...
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