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seedling problem

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    The one that was the healthiest.
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    DWC fine tuning

    Good evening and happy new year . my name is Tes im new to the site and am looking for a little help. I've been reading all over the internet several websites give seven different answers. Seems to me growing isn't black and white and you just have to jumo in and get your hands dirty to really...
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    Problem with 15 day old seedlings

    Can anyone help me with these 15 days old seedlings? I havent given any nutrients, just ph balanced water. Growing has nearly stopped and leaf tips have started to curl and get brown and crispy.
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    My White Widow Needs Help!

    hello 420guys! Im a 1st time grower, I don't know what is goin on with my plant. so I ask for help.. SOIL GROW Strain - Dutch Passion White Widow auto # of Plants - 2 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative or seedlings? Bucket Size - 5 Gallon Lights - 300W LED Nutrients - NONE...