seedling trouble

  1. G

    Seedlings' leaves drying - Can't find the reason

    Hello, I've planted my seeds a few weeks ago. In the last week the seedlings lost color, started getting yellow and one of them started drying out. I've been reading trying to find the causes but nothing really is helping. The soil had nutients and I watered one time with a nutrient solution...
  2. P

    First time ever - need help

    SOIL GROW Strain - 1 Whitewidow + 3 unknowns "Nirvana freebies" # of Plants - 4 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - 3 seedlings + 1 Vegetative Bucket Size - 3 plastic cups + (1) 3 gallons pot Lights - (1) 180 Watt LED + (1) 37 Watt CFL Nutrients - Local soluble powder N,P,K "5,5,5" ;"20,5,5...
  3. S

    Help - 2 week old seedling problems

    Hello i am having trouble... this is my very first grow and i am currently 2 weeks in....i germinated 6 seeds which all i had no success with. i had one thc bomb which survived these were pics from about 3 days ago, for some reason i feel its very sluggish... i have not been feeding any...
  4. The Fat Angel

    Please Help - I Think One Of My Seedlings Is Dying!

    Hi guys, I'm about 10 days into my first ever grow and I have three pert, healthy looking seedlings ( G13 Haze, Barney's Farm LSD, Flowerbomb Kush ) but also a Super Silver Haze which seems to be drying out. It is wilting and the leaves feel dry while the other plants are fine. I'm using...
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