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  1. D

    Using 400HPS air-cooled light for new seedlings - What height please?

    1st day white widow seedlings under 400hps at 30inches high and 73degrees f please help me decide on the height my 1st time with this light
  2. F


    Need some help with seedlings. I soak the seeds in water, then the paper towel. Once th tap root is about at least a half inch I put them in small peat pots, but I'm loosing more then half of them before they sprout. What am I doing wrong? what's the best way to get them going? Thanks
  3. T

    Seedlings needing help

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. I've got about 25 seedlings I've been starting for the past few weeks. I started them in a jiffy professional greenhouse using the peat pellets. I started 3 in each one and just recently transplanted them all into their own 3" jiffy pot with a natural organic...
  4. K

    SOS! Help! What is the sign of this seedlings?

    So far, was everything okay with them, and they just started to wilt/fade away? What is the sign of the seedlings that it may have warm or cold? What to do?
  5. S

    Starting my first grow for medical, but have issues (pot cured my 200+ seizures)

    Hey all! Before I got my hands on weed I was having 200+ grand mal seizures a month and had no quality of life. Meds weren't working, I was looking at getting a seizure dog and had to leave school. I then got my hands on some bud and I'm down to less than 1 minor seizure a month! I had...
  6. P

    Seedlings dying fast

    Hi! I've been following threads and grow logs with confidence of how to spot problems and overcome them. But it all went wrong somewhere... My grow is simple, Light from sun only Feminised White widow/ bubblegum seeds Germinated in tissue and planted in compost. I started with 70...
  7. O

    One seed germinated two seedlings - Now what?

    2 very healthy (feminized) Hindu Kush seedlings emerged from the same spot in a peat pot. Would you try to pull one-I fear they share a single tap root? Would it be better to let them both fight it out for supremacy possibly yielding only one survivor? Its HK sisters and a few Afghani will be...
  8. M

    Seedlings drooping

    Shiva shanti 2 Room temp 35C All ph's is around 6.5 Vented room with breeze fan, 1ml per l of molasses and seaweed plant nutes 600watt vipar spectra newest model on 60%veg 20% bloom 18/6 timer Plants are curling on the edges, They've been fine for 2 weeks transplanted a week ago into...
  9. W

    Concerns about my seedlings

    Hi, I'm new to growing, but I've done months worth of research. My seedlings poked through the soil growing medium I am using just a day ago. The soil is just potting soil with some perlite, no nutrients at all. The strain I am growing is "Train Wreck". I used feminized seeds. I have three...
  10. Godsgarden747

    New seedling Purple Kush problems?

    I am very worried about my new seedlings I am a noob and need all the help I can get they have been under my viparspectra 1200 w led on veg only. since they came up I had them the first day on 24 hours then I did 18 -6 the second and was planning to leave it that way they have been in a humidity...
  11. T

    Needing Tips!

    Hey guys! I'm new to the community Ive started working on my own strain and right now, they are still seedlings. Although I learned all my tricks from a guy who got busted a few weeks ago, so now I'm in the wind on my own. Right now I have a 3/1.5ft box to grow my seedlings in until the weather...
  12. Blew Hiller

    Best value indoor light just for starting seedlings - Advice please!

    I just germinated/planted two (2) seeds and was looking for an inexpensive supplemental light (they are on the south window now) to carry me through March. I plan on growing in our greenhouse Spring/Summer but not sure the weather will break in time without temps dropping below 60F. Thanks...
  13. A

    how much to water young auto seedlings in 3g pots and rapid rooters ???

    starting first auto grow .... used rapid rooters in humidity dome /no light /covered / with heating mat for few days till they pop .. left the first 3 too long in the dome 6-7days first batch before trasplanting to 3 g pots .. lost 1 so i have 2 ,10days old in 3g pots under 23w 65k seedling...
  14. C

    Seedlings and watering

    Watering seedlings ??? Hi need a little help.. This is my first time with seeds - The seedlings are about an inch now - in soil B2 - in a 4X6" pots - under a T5 4X8 veg lights - We are afraid to water too much or not enough ...afraid to loose them.. Any guidelines as too amount of water -...
  15. Lansky

    Question LED COBs CXB 3590 for seedlings - How much light is needed?

    I really tried hard to find some posts about lights and seedling but it seems that all information are from 2013 and before. I could not find any that pertained to COB lights. I am starting my grow with 8 COBs CXB 3590 3500K. I plan on running them from Veg to Bloom. But I would like to also use...
  16. Blew Hiller

    When to start seedlings in Greenhouse using natural light?

    Looking to grow White Widow Female and Northern Lights Auto...first time grow for both. We have a passive solar greenhouse with aquaponics. We use fans to move the air through the floor (thermal mass) which minimizes the heat deltas and (hopefully) minimizes detrimental humidity issues. So...
  17. Miasma

    First Planting - Blueberry, Purgatory, Kushberry - Indoor Organic Soil - LED & HPS

    This is my second journal and first time growing directly from seed. What strain is it? DJ Short's Original Blueberry (x4 seeds), TGA Genetics' Purgatory (x2 seedlings), DNA Genetics' Kushberry (x2 seedlings) Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? All are indica dominant hybrids Is it in Veg or...
  18. CannaKitty

    Kitty's First Grow Spring 2017 - LED & CFL & Sun

    CannaKitty's Spring 2017 First Timer's Mixed LED/CFL/Greenhouse Grow Hello all! My name is Kitty. This will be my first true committed attempt to grow. When I was in college, my live in boyfriend and I set up a closet but I wasn't able to reap the benefits of that grow after moving out...
  19. A

    Why are my seedlings wilting? Photos attached

    Hi, I know my seedlings is too tall, I done some mistakes before, but I have another problem... Everything was good till yesterday. Yesterday in the morning I saw the leaves are going down, I bought a moisture meter and it showed that the soil is dry, and I watered up to scale 7. After...
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