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  1. smokejoint

    85W CLF for seedlings?

    Hi guys, today i got a great 85W CFL bulb (6500K) for free, it was used only once. I would like to use this CFL light for my seedlings when the next outdoor session comes, only for 6 seedlings as i usually dont plant more. Will this light be good, or is it too strong or too weak? Thanks for help
  2. H

    420's Soil Purple Kush Journal

    Growing 2 crop king Purple Kush plants in a 4x4x6.5 reflective tent in 5 gallon pots with Happy Frog soil. Currently using one 300W vipar spectra LED but I have another one ready for use once the seedlings hit vegetative stage. Lights are currently positioned at around 40 inches from the top of...
  3. N

    Help - Problems with seedlings spots and discoloured

    Hi all, new to growing and need help for outside growing in australia weather. I have 3 seedlings they are now 11days old started inside germinated and the past week going outside in the sun as they had stretched stems aswell so they were weak and flimsy so seen a youtube clip about putting a...
  4. M

    Little growth at node sites

    Hi! Has anyone had the same issue i'm having? I'm doing a tropical outdoor grow, I have two seedlings that are 1 month old and have been growing vigorously with large fan leaves and 6 to 7 nodes. However I dont see any, or have little growth at the node sites, unlike many pictures online of...
  5. A

    First Grow: Don't Know What's Going On!

    Hi its my first time growing indoors. Im using coco and everything was doing alright besides a little slow growth. I have 4 clones and 4 seedlings. They all have some burnt tips here and there but most of the problem is coming from the seedlings, one has a leaf tip curled down. 2 have reddish...
  6. K

    Seedlings & Clones Station - First Post

    Hi Guys, This is my first post and my first grow. Im getting a 2x4 tent with a viparspectra refecltor series 600W LED light. This image is what i want to use for my seedlings and clones in the future. Any tip for improving it?
  7. M

    Problem with 15 day old seedlings

    Can anyone help me with these 15 days old seedlings? I havent given any nutrients, just ph balanced water. Growing has nearly stopped and leaf tips have started to curl and get brown and crispy.
  8. Y

    Seedlings Look Sad

    At first, sorry for my bad English, I am not native. Hi guys, i hope it will be my first grown, I bought 2 vision seeds auto white widow and 1 advanced seeds jack herer and I started to germinate them. They are now 10 days old. In first 7 day, there was no problem, they crack their seeds and...
  9. D

    Cannabis seedlings stopped growing and showing pistils - Photos

    Hello all, I bring a strange situation with 3 autoflowering seedlings I planted a month ago. So i got 6 seeds, Purple, Tutankhamon, NYC Diesel, Somango, Cheese and Amnesia. These last 3 have gone really wrong somehow. They were all germinated and planted at the same time (10th of July), and...
  10. K

    Seedling Question

    Hi, Just starting my second grow. I ran into an issue a couple times in the past with my seedlings. I soak overnight then plant them directly in their final pot since they are all autos. Several times I have run into the issue of the outside of the seed getting stuck on the first two leaves...
  11. D

    Using 400HPS air-cooled light for new seedlings - What height please?

    1st day white widow seedlings under 400hps at 30inches high and 73degrees f please help me decide on the height my 1st time with this light
  12. F


    Need some help with seedlings. I soak the seeds in water, then the paper towel. Once th tap root is about at least a half inch I put them in small peat pots, but I'm loosing more then half of them before they sprout. What am I doing wrong? what's the best way to get them going? Thanks
  13. T

    Seedlings needing help

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. I've got about 25 seedlings I've been starting for the past few weeks. I started them in a jiffy professional greenhouse using the peat pellets. I started 3 in each one and just recently transplanted them all into their own 3" jiffy pot with a natural organic...
  14. K

    SOS! Help! What is the sign of this seedlings?

    So far, was everything okay with them, and they just started to wilt/fade away? What is the sign of the seedlings that it may have warm or cold? What to do?
  15. S

    Starting my first grow for medical, but have issues (pot cured my 200+ seizures)

    Hey all! Before I got my hands on weed I was having 200+ grand mal seizures a month and had no quality of life. Meds weren't working, I was looking at getting a seizure dog and had to leave school. I then got my hands on some bud and I'm down to less than 1 minor seizure a month! I had...
  16. P

    Seedlings dying fast

    Hi! I've been following threads and grow logs with confidence of how to spot problems and overcome them. But it all went wrong somewhere... My grow is simple, Light from sun only Feminised White widow/ bubblegum seeds Germinated in tissue and planted in compost. I started with 70...
  17. O

    One seed germinated two seedlings - Now what?

    2 very healthy (feminized) Hindu Kush seedlings emerged from the same spot in a peat pot. Would you try to pull one-I fear they share a single tap root? Would it be better to let them both fight it out for supremacy possibly yielding only one survivor? Its HK sisters and a few Afghani will be...
  18. M

    Seedlings drooping

    Shiva shanti 2 Room temp 35C All ph's is around 6.5 Vented room with breeze fan, 1ml per l of molasses and seaweed plant nutes 600watt vipar spectra newest model on 60%veg 20% bloom 18/6 timer Plants are curling on the edges, They've been fine for 2 weeks transplanted a week ago into...
  19. W

    Concerns about my seedlings

    Hi, I'm new to growing, but I've done months worth of research. My seedlings poked through the soil growing medium I am using just a day ago. The soil is just potting soil with some perlite, no nutrients at all. The strain I am growing is "Train Wreck". I used feminized seeds. I have three...
  20. Godsgarden747

    New seedling Purple Kush problems?

    I am very worried about my new seedlings I am a noob and need all the help I can get they have been under my viparspectra 1200 w led on veg only. since they came up I had them the first day on 24 hours then I did 18 -6 the second and was planning to leave it that way they have been in a humidity...
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