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  1. G

    First grow, is ventilation really needed?

    Hi, Im doing a pc grow. The plants are only going to stay inside for 2-3 weeks before I place them outside. Im wondering, is a fan really needed for seedlings? I have a couple air holes.
  2. LEDman

    Medibud Seedlings Leaves Yellowing & Splotching

    Hello Everyone, attached below is a picture of one of my seedlings. They're all 2 weeks old, brought up under 2x75W CFL with 6500K, approx. 10 cm above the plants. Room temps are around 22-24°C, light cycle is 18/6, I water only when the pot feels as light as a dry one, which is about...
  3. D

    Dr.GreenTumbs indoor Soil Barneys Bluecheese First Grow -2010

    Hi all, thanks for dropping by. This is my first attempt at an indoor grow after having some success with an outdoor grow during the summer months. I've started this journal for some help and advice through out the grow cause i've been reading this forum for some months and i no that alot of...
  4. H

    First grow, no sign of life

    hi guys, this my first grow and first post, i love this site. i have followed all advice on germinating seeds and have succesfully got four germinated seeds in individual peat pots. the paper towel method worked a treat. the only light i have is a 600w dual spectrum and i dont want to put...
  5. M

    Solarium Light Question

    Can a single sided solarium be used to bring up seeds just after they start to show root, the light is very hot and can burn a human in an hour, if I have a 9 tube system, and shut off every other leaving 4 on it will reduce the power of the light a bit, but what would be a safe distance for it...
  6. D

    First time grow question

    I germinated 4 feminized cheese seeds (2 using shot glass, 2 using paper towel) all germinated successfully and i placed them in the soil around 12 noon yesterday and had my lights set to start at 4am this morning, they started i went to check on them when i woke up around 10am this morning i am...
  7. StinkFinger

    Newb Here. Seedling Question /w Pics. Thanks!

    Hey All. Been reading many journals here and the great info that 420 has supplied. I actually decided to get my hands dirty and give it a go. I hope my question is pretty easy for many of the experienced green thumbs here. I have two dated photo's here, spaced two days apart. As you can...
  8. E

    Problem with Lowryder

    Hey - I'm a frist time grower on a massively tight budget and I'm having some weird growing patterns emerging with my lowryder plants. I managed to get some professional grower's compost, decent nutes and good seeds from online but wasn't able to afford any good growing lamps. I read somewhere...
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