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  1. The Seed Fair

    Can't Find The Seed You Are Looking For? We Have It! 25% Off June Sales At The Seed Fair

    Hello Everyone! It's Patrick here from The Seed Fair! We are very happy to be finally a part of this community! Our staff at The Seed Fair is dedicated in finding all Cannabis Seeds possible! Everyday we add 25 to 50 new strains and are now over 1000 strains on our site. Is there are strain...
  2. 20211126_211441.jpg


  3. D

    I may have found the answer to buying seeds

    If you follow anyone on here you'll see how many people have trouble with seed vendors. I have also had this experience, VERY slow ship times, pay in advance, customs challenges, LONG ship times and spotty delivery. I had REALLY bad experiences with True North Seed Bank, as well as other...
  4. M

    Square One Genetics

    Hello everyone. Ive been wanting to try out some of square one genetics strains but I can not for the life of me find any in my area. Do any one know of a reliable place where I can order their seeds from that ships to the USA. Ive already looked at the black dog reserve website and it ALWAYS...
  5. Magic Bean

    Magic Bean

    21CWMTKxTMS F1
  6. Ripening


    21CWMTKxTMS F1
  7. Next Generation

    Next Generation

    21CWMTKxTMS F1
  8. GaryEff DCS

    A Cannabis seed marketing dude

    Hi peeps, Gary Eff here, formerly of The Vault. I did do another welcome post earlier in the week but it was taken down as I posted a link in it (which is understandable). I just wanted to say hi again, and look forward to being part of the 420 Mag community again as I now work with another...
  9. DrSeeds

    New Product Announcement, Zkittlez & Gorilla Alien

    Hello Friends, the Doctor here. We have a couple of new products this week that you might be interested in. They are Zkittlez & Gorilla Alien. We've been getting a lot of requests for Zkittlez and it is finally here. Gorilla Alien is a mash up with our popular selling Gorilla Glue and Alien...
  10. George from The Vault

    Do You Want To Be A Philosopher Of Cannabis? Win Philosopher Seeds From The Vault!

    I'm sure are all Philosophers of Cannabis but to prove it, why don't you try get your hands on some Fruity Jack Seeds from the peeps at Philosopher Seeds. In this new promo we are giving you x8 chances to win x3 Fruity Jack Seeds (plus some free goodies). You can apply on this very post by...
  11. George from The Vault

    Win Up To 75 Garden Of Green Seeds Via The Vault

    The Vault are Super happy to bring you a new competition from the awesome guys and gals at Garden of Green. There are a total of 75 seeds up for grabs spread across 3 prizes and platforms (Blog, Instagram, Facebook). The Seeds are: KUSH MASS & COOKIE MONSTER AUTO. Click below to read the blog...
  12. C

    Cheap seeds?

    I'm a new grower, I'm working on my first plant this year and so far its a success. I want to do it again but I can't find where I can get seeds for a good price and from a reliable source. I know I could wait around for seeds to show up in bags but those aren't always the best quality and...
  13. MKrop420

    Abandoned Mkrop's DWC

    Specs: Grow space: Indoor 3x3 tent Lighting: Swapping MH/HPS (600W) Method: Deep Water Culture Medium: Hydrocorn Training: ScroG Seed bank: Riot Seeds Strain: Cookie Dream -Strain Type Indica / Sativa Equal...
  14. WizHigh

    Need New Strains to Grow Input!

    Im going to place my online order for seeds soon and was wondering what would be some good interesting strains to grow. Im looking for something with great yield and also something that is great to keep in your garden of weedin. Any suggestions please let me know. Northern Lights & Barneys...
  15. Cloudblood

    Where are the best seed banks to buy from?

    I am slowly getting serious about my grow's. I would like to have a verified strong seed stock to really start getting my own potent genetically superior grows. I live in NY and that means there are no real 'legal' routes to acquire seeds BUTI really have a strong desire. There are no lack of...
  16. Panic

    Seed choice help please!

    So, I am planning an indoor stealth grow. I have small space in a bedroom closet. I i have 2 choices for aerogarden pro with the good bulbs and extendable light (up to 24 inches I think) or a small hydro bucket system with a t-5 cfl. Thinking I will have to use the aerogarden...
  17. T

    seed banks?

    hey guys i need some help in choosing a good seed bank. any companys that are reliable and low key. i would like to send cash too no check no card. any help would be greatly appreiciated. the story goes i had two plants one was a medical grade clone from a seed from cali, and another was...
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