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  1. Optimus913

    BCBD Tuna God: Freebies

    Just put 3 in peat pellets.
  2. IMG_8360.JPG


    Sensi Star
  3. N

    Germinating seeds

    Just wondering how I should germinate my seeds. I am a new grower. I am going to use a BCNL Producer. It arrived yesterday so I need help starting my seeds. They will be going into rockwool after germination. The type of seeds is Master Kush.
  4. U

    Yellow Flower Immature Plant, outdoor-indoor transplant

    Hello I recently transplanted several wild plants from outdoor to indoor to try my thumb at indoor growing. These plants are very immature maybe 8-10 cm tall. The tallest of these plants has developed a yellow flower despite a 24 hour light cycle. Questions: Male? Pollinated female...
  5. DrTentgrow

    John Innes seedling soil to dense?

    Hello Ive recently put some germinated seeds in some little 10cm pots and watered them Ive never done this before the soil seems very dense after watering will the seeds push there way out alright?
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