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  1. B

    Seed germination help

    Almost three weeks ago I placed two purchased seeds between damp pieces of paper towel. I left them there and the seeds busted open in 2 days or less and the radical appeared. I used tweezers to put them in a premoistened peat pot and have kept them in a seedling dome under flourescent light...
  2. DrTentgrow

    Rockwool - Help Please

    Hello I am starting some seeds in 1" rock-wool which I will be transplanting into aqua farms I have made a solution of spring water which has a E.C of 0.4 and put a splash of canna start nutrients to bring it up to a E.C of 0.9, i am used to using root riot cubes in soil which i never have any...
  3. R

    Need some advice about strains

    Ok I live in Northern Michigan and its cool up here year round. Winters are brutly. My new garden is out in the garage. I do have heaters but Im looking for some high-yeild strains that grow in cooler temps. My search has been unsussecefull. So with so many people growing I would like to heard...
  4. B

    Little seed in calyx - Normal or not?

    I'm 2 weeks 4 days from harvest decided to open up one of the calyx and found a seed. These are all over the place at the beginning of all the nodes. There are no males. Is it normal? If not how's this possible? https://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/500/20120830_194909.jpg
  5. S

    Need help

    Okay so im trying to grow sour diesel and 3 kings an i need a little help... So i only bought two seeds for $30 and one was cracked i was wondering if that affects anything? And also i have been soaking them for over 12 hours and nothing has happened!! Should i be worried or no they look healthy...
  6. J

    Newbie here, from Philippines

    Hi 420 Community, I'm kinda new here, I've always wanted to grow hemp after I've watched the documentaries and movie clips about hemp. I've already watched and read a lot of "How to Grow your Hemp" :MoreNutes: :thumb: Sincere Thanks jstn.
  7. HolySpicoli

    Grows have gone from good to bad

    Hey, long time since I've been around. Got a question. My first grow was from seeds found in a bag of awesome bud, 8 plants kicked several ounces of sticky beautiful but seeded bud (hermies). Second grow was grown from seeds of the first grow and 9 plants yielded a few ounces, I would guess...
  8. QnxGanja

    Safe pollination and handling of pollen

    Hey folks! There are several questions I would like to ask and I hope someone who really knows quite a deal will answer it :) Sorry if there already are answers to my questions, in this case you might just link to them, I will be thankful :) The first one would be, how do you safely handle...
  9. N

    Whats the best technique for seed germination?

    The good ol' damp paper towels inbetween plates technique? or ive hear of getting a sponge and wetting it and putting the seeds inside then leaving it out in the sun? does that work? or are there better ways?
  10. E

    Earliest to Flower with SOG from seeds

    Hi all, I've looked all over the internet trying to find when is the earliest time I can change the light cycle to begin flowering. I am trying to do the SOG method and have started from seeds. So far I have 4 plants transplanted in their final 6 inch containers in a 2.5 square feet...
  11. L

    Dead Head

    Here are some pics of the Dead Head strain I'm currently growing. I'll be posting more pics in the weeks to come :)
  12. L

    Hemp food legislation in Australia

    Hemp seed is one of the richest natural sources of essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9). They also contain up to 35% protein. The protein from hemp seeds contain all of the 20 know amino acids. Hemp seeds come from industrial low THC hemp plants. They do not contain THC. Hemp food is a huge...
  13. DankyKush1

    DankyKush Aurora Indica 400 Watt HPS - Daily Updates - Advice Wanted

    Strain: Aurora Indica Ive got 3 Auroras in flowering 2 Aurora seedlings Also 7 Aurora clones rooting, 3/6 have rooted Plant 1 has been topped at the main stem and on 2 branches, and LST Plant 2 has been stressed into a circle Plant 3 has been topped and lollipoped...
  14. potgoblin

    Seeds wont germinate Irritating!

    Hey guys, im new to this site but this seems to be the best place to find help from people who have the knowledge and experience so here goes. basically i bought a bag of weed last week and half the weight of it was nothin but seeds, as im sick of paying stupid prices here in the uk for less...
  15. T

    Feminized seed questions?

    Can you make feminized seeds with pollen sacks from a hermie strain on a female non-hermie strain Or will this produce hermie seeds?
  16. T

    Please help with a "supposed" strain called "afternoon delight"

    Does anyone have info on a strain called "Afternoon Delight"? I have not been able to find anything through google and many forums dealing with cannabis. I'm trying to find out what are the best conditions for great growth/yields with this strain. I bought about 7 grams from a collective here...
  17. F

    Light of Jah LED Hydro Grow

    So the girl and I started 9 Light of Jah 100% feminized seeds on November 5th. We were using moon dust (ass dust) and it caused the plants to get super stressed on bad nutrients. Now we are using some new nutrients that seem to be making them recover. Sadly though, we might have lost the purple...
  18. S

    Can hermaphrodites pollenate my veg plants??

    i have now learned days away from harvesting that i have hermaphrodite in my flower room; big buds with a bunch of seed pods (i cant believe i didn't notice all these seeds earlier). Not seeing the signs when it happened i believe since i never experienced this before. It is the first...
  19. L

    Lets see your seeds!

    Hey everyone! Wouldn't it be fun if you could browse through the seed collection of every member? It'll never happen - not in person, anyway. So let's make this thread the next best thing:thumb: If your collection is big or small, your own genetics, the "well known/established" lines, LR or a...
  20. B

    Harvesting male plant

    I have an AK-47 male that's starting it's flowering stage. I have never harvested a male plant before. Do you just wait till the seeds fall or do you have to pick them? Thanks in advance.
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