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seedsman seeds

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    Santa Seedsman dropped by early!
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    Blueberry Jungle
  3. Seedsman Seeds

    Seedsman Seeds

    Seedsman Seeds
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    mama mia.png

    Seedsman Mama Mia
  5. Blew Hiller

    Who's growing new SeedsMan strains? I am!

    @SeedsMan just introduced 14 new strains, and I ordered 5x of them during their 4/20 sale. I am growing our 3x of them this summer in my greenhouse on the coast of Maine. They are: Lemonchello Haze, CBD Cream and Cheese, and Auto OG Kush Rolex . Anyone else growing any of the other strains?
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    Carnival Week 5
  7. Seedsman 420.jpg

    Seedsman 420.jpg

    Seedsman 4/20 order
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    Seedsman Summer Auto order
  9. Seedsman Seeds April Birthday Week.jpg

    Seedsman Seeds April Birthday Week.jpg

    Candida CD-1 Peyote Critical CBD Hash Plant Northern Soul Fem CBD OG Kush Auto