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    Hello all

    Hello all, Just signed up here today - currently in the midst of my very first grow, how exciting! Here to seek solid advice and connect with some of my transatlantic herbal comrades. Cheers, PJ
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    Greetings from Finland!

    I am a bit shy one and won't tell much about myself. Found our Finnish forum a while back, and now I seek international ones. I have a small secret garden, and my little ladies are my first grow.
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    Unidentified Deficiency - Please Help

    Hello people. I'm a beginner grower, i'm growing 2 plant(identical seed) in the same time(same food, same environment:Temperature/Humidity). One of them is 100% healthy but the other young lady look really seek, I couldn't diagnosing the deficiency I hope to find hier some help, advice or...