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  1. D

    New Format Help

    There's been a change to the format and now I can't seem to find the 'subscribed threads' tab/button. Any suggestions ? :420:
  2. U

    Growing At Altitude From Nu-B

    Just started very small, 2 seed grow. One seed was twins, so have 3 plants going. I'm @ a 6000 ft altitude in the So-Cal mountains, USA. Inside grow, so cold weather not much of a factor. Went with some Afghani reg seeds and they seem to be doing very well. At what point should I trim of the...
  3. R

    Two week seedlings. They seem to have slowed growth what should i do?

    3 seedlings and they seem stun. Not sure why can anyone help? 3 cfl 33 wattage coco coir water everyday light around a foot away 24 hr cycle. 2 weeks old.
  4. H

    2nd Grow - CKS Autos White Widow & Amnesia Haze

    they been in the soil for like 8 - 10 days. 5ww and 4ah. Tried starting them under cfl's but the seedlings got right tall and the stems seem to thin I'm afraid they might fall over but when I noticed I put the HPS on aswell. I'm going to put something in to support the few tallest ones but they...
  5. C

    Should I cut out the yellow leaves?

    I'm 2-3 weeks away from harvest. Some leaves in mid/lower canopy started slowly yellowing 3 weeks ago. I assume the flowers are leaching the leaves. Neut uptake seems good for most of the leaves. Aside from the color they seem fine. Are they still doing a job?
  6. M

    What's Up!

    What's up to all the growers!!! I'm new at growing and these forums have helped me out a lot recently and always seem to have the answer. Just wanted to introduce myself and say what's up.
  7. onewarmguy

    CKS Auto Jack Herer - Indoor - Week 11-12

    Hey All: Here's a little update on my Autoflower Jack Herer from CKS. Miracle Mix (sterilized potting soil with neutral Ph) in 5 gal cloth pots- 1000 Wt HPS 18/6 - Green Planet nutes. Here's some new photo's, things seem to be coming along nicely. They're now in their 4th of 9 weeks...
  8. G

    New grower - Baffled by these plants

    hi .. Started growing these from seeds in April, and they have been slow on the uptake. Just recently they seem to be getting worse. They are called Nevada Ice I believe. I have grown in the past, using standard compost, but this time they seem stunted and still struggling to get going. Any...
  9. G

    PH in 8.0 out at 6.0

    Built some soil last year. Checked the water used regular tap with an 8.0 ph and runoff was 6.0 Does that mean my soil ph is 4.0? I'm getting some signs of nutrient deficiency on the Bubblegum. The Northern Lights and Green Crack don't seem to show any deficiencies. They're in 4th week of...
  10. jonny131

    2nd grow in 8 years

    Organic grow white widow and ak47 Seem to be doing fine
  11. I

    Iceman420 - Has Anyone Smoked This Strain? White Walker Kush

    Just wondering about this strain, ive tried skywalker og but not this. If you have smoked it or know where i can find some info on it(i can't seem to find anything anywhere) let me know!! lol
  12. 2

    Help my girls are sick

    Dont know where to start im on my second grow.im in week 7 of flower and all my main colas seem to be drying out and dying at the tips and i cant figure it out,all the symptoms seem the same to me. Heres a break down of my situation. I use fox farm ocean blend with fox farm nutrients my room...
  13. curley wurley

    Newbie from Kalifornia

    Hi all...newbie at growing to. Trying to grow strictly outside but I find myself leaving the lights on at night. Hope to learn as much as I can. My plants are only 1 week old and seem to be doing fine. Friend gave me some seeds but have no idea what they are?
  14. S

    Carbon filter exhausted through house blower

    Has anybody ever hooked up their carbon filter exhaust hose tot he cold air return? Does/did it seem to pull enough air and filter ok? Using a 4 inch inline carbon filter.
  15. S

    Purple Pistils

    My first time growing as my last attempted failed badly. I used bagseed as I was just giving it ago and I seem to have gotten a good strain?? What you think it is?
  16. L

    Ok - A semi new grower needs some expert advice on water feeding

    Ok so this is my second grow. I didnt get to see my first grow go into flower due to code enforcement. So i have a few questions. 1. How much water should i water with? I am growing 12 planys in 5 gallon pots with a 50/50 mix of verma soil and verma fire . I have been wartering 2 times a...
  17. D

    Can this be harvested?

    My mate has four girls at 37 days flower long story he is only in the house for a week and a half he can dry after but can't take down and set up straight away so needs it down he has started flush today pics to follow
  18. W

    Dust in indoor grows

    I see a lot of posts where people seem very worried about dust in the grow room....i guess my question will be how bad is dust for the actual plants? I see plants grown outdoors that seem to do even better than any indoor grow and im pretty sure dust is everywhere outside but still the plants do...
  19. R

    Dark green sugar leaves

    Hi all , just after some thaughts here .. Does this seem like too much nitrogen ?
  20. B

    Single Ended vs Double Ended HPS/MH?

    I have read the reviews, seem like double ended are a little better in every way, yet they dont seem as popular as they should be. Feedback please. Anyone have DE 1000 watt system by SPL? Looking for a cheaper HPS system to run only in the winter for the heat.