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  1. M

    Living soil blunder?

    I made some living soil loosely following a recipe but decide to add biochar after a couple of weeks. I want to use the soil now but the pH is 4 or lower! I have read a few times not to bother with pH, but this seems too low to me, should I take a chance and pot up or adjust the pH?
  2. Mosspb


    Hey guys, So I saw this product on "the man, the myth, the legend" (and fellow Canadian) @Pigeons420 's video blog. (Which is awesome btw, seems like a cool guy to rip and talk cannabis with) and I'm wondering if anyone has given it a try? The pots aren't cheap but I'd love to give one a...
  3. TorturedSoul

    Train Wreck Auto - Harvest Date?

    I planted a Train Wreck Auto some time ago. In three days, it'll be approximately 11 weeks old. Any educated guesses on the harvest window for this one? I have a jeweler's loupe, but it's a really crappy Chinese model with a field of view about the size of... Well, when I'm trying to use the...
  4. TheFertilizer

    Good bottled nutrients with low salt content?

    So I have been needing to buy some new bottles of Flora Nova, but I have been thinking of moving away from the stuff because of how salty it is. My pots always need to be flushed out after a little while. I want to find a similar two part line of nutrients that won't build salts up into my...
  5. S

    Slow growth and odd downward leaf curl - N tox or overwatering?

    My first grow and this is one of my 2 plants. 12 days old, in fox farms ocean amended with perlite, organic garden soil and mushroom compost under 300w full spectrum led light 36 inches above. I have watered sparingly but the soil seems to hold water for a good length. Was my soil mix too...
  6. M

    Hey guys!

    My names merkle ( on here anyway;)) I'm in Australia and looking to get started growing some herbs for self use and all that;) haha. I've ordered a viper spectra 600w light, got a seed from a mate but I want to buy seeds eventually I'm thinking about cropking but herbies seems to be alright as...
  7. K

    Stuck in veg stage?

    My plants started growing from the corners where the buds usually grow from. I've had the lights on 12-12 for some time now. They are starting to show their sex but it seems very slow moving. Did I keep them in vege for too long? Can I force them to bloom faster?
  8. Skullman420

    Unknown strain - What's up with this ghostly grey plant

    A 420 friend sent me this photo of a grey/green pale plant. I have never seen anything like this. The plant seems to be fine, only the colors are completely weird. Anyone in here seen anything like this?
  9. L

    Slow decrease to 12 hours?

    I've been looking around but can't find much info on this. Is there any merit to the idea of letting the number of hours of light gradually reduce down to12? Over a week or two? Seems to my simple mind that the plants would react by preparing to flower more naturally. Thanks, Lia
  10. H

    Dwarf Low Flyer - Crop King - 1st indoor grow seems small?

    Hey all you beautiful people ❤ Hope your new year was amazing I'm very excited about 2017 and to be a part of this forum where we all share a love for one of the finer things In life So I am very much a beginner and when I see other DLF pics mine seem super small comparatively so I just...
  11. TheFertilizer

    Stressed Seedlings

    I've been having this problem over multiple grows, still not really sure what is going on. I suspect I'm just over-watering still. This one seems to be doing the worst. The purple on the stems is a genetic thing, but I'm not sure what's up with the yellow cotyledons and the brown...
  12. C

    What is this white bugs?

    :Namaste: It's only in the soil, only in one of my two pots, it doesn't seems to be affecting the plant but I don't really know if its bad to have it. They kinda jump when I water the weed and it doesn't seems to be Cochineal
  13. J

    Deficiency or nutrient lock down because pH

    No sure what is going on my plnat are looking wierd but not all of the and my new clones look sick I am growing on soil using Flora Series - General Hydroponics 1 fertilizer 2 water Using sunlight in a tropical country under polycarbonate roof My White Rhino and A purple plant seems to...
  14. L

    Proper water level for DWC?

    Hi guys, I'm finding a lot of conflicting information as to what the proper water level for deep water culture is. Right now, it seems that the "best way" is to submerge the net pots of the resevoirs to the necessary level (.5-1") and once roots are showing through, lower the water level to x...
  15. E

    Venturi mister

    Have any of you used these? I really like the idea of compressed air as drive mechanism since that is so easy to regulate and is seems like the system could be very simple and thus less failure prone. Also occurs to me that fresh cool air into the root chamber would be an intrinsic part of...
  16. M

    How to correctly measure soil pH with pen?

    hi boys & girls, I have ad12 ph measuring stick from adwa, a quite popular choice among growers it seems. how do one properly use it to measure soil PH? just stick it in and wait? it seems that no matter what soil i test it comes back as very alkaline.
  17. Oful33

    300w MARS LED, how far from tops during flowering?

    Hello :welcome: I'm growing using 300w MARS LED, keeping it at 8", everything seems fine (other than she's growing slower than expected), no light burn or anything, dark green healty leaves. But I'm a little concerned, isn't this a little bit too close? I could only hang the light ether at...
  18. E

    Just another noob!

    Hello everyone ! Lots of information on here which is great :thanks: Ive started a couple of clones I have no idea if they are doing well or not but they aint dead Yet! Seems Ive made quite a few rookie mistakes but hoping with some help I can get them back on track. Any advice welcome. They...
  19. M

    Leaf problems - No idea what to do

    I had a busy week and hoped to make this thread sooner, but couldn't spare the time. It has been like this a couple of days now - and it seems to be getting worse. Is this a deficiency? Or a shortage of something? Amnesia Haze Auto in soil, in a 80x40x40cm tent with a 125W CFL. Growjournal here
  20. Iguana Man

    Stem seems short and thin - Any concerns?

    Just wondering if I should be worried about my 15 day old (since breaking ground) plant. It's a Bianca. 85% Indica 15% Sativa. Mars Hydro300 24" above plant on a 18/6 cycle. Temps been around 77 average with 35-37% humidity. 6" wide pot (at top) filled with 1/3 each Happy Frog potting soil...