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  1. rillos

    Has anybody seen this before?

    I got a fan leaf with a bud growing on the stem.
  2. Q


    Has anyone seen this before? Oh, first post
  3. PacificPeach

    Sick Plant Question

    I have 2 plants grown outside from Fast Buds LSD 25 seeds. They are each about 6 weeks from germination and are flowering now. One of the plants is about 18 inches tall and it is doing beautifully. The other plant is about 24 inches tall and it has a yellow discoloration on the interior part of...
  4. AnimaSola

    Luweedgi's plumb crazy

    I can't say I've seen it all or done it all but I have seen some stuff that would make a normal man run and hide. I've been shot, stabbed, beaten and bruised. I've been to the gates of hell and I'm still trying to get to heaven, I would give you the shirt off of my back if I thought you needed...
  5. C

    My weed looks like a cactus

    My weed plant is growing weird. Looks like a little cactus. Really puffy body with long white hairs. Anyone seen this before?
  6. J

    Benefits of using honey in feedings?

    Hey i was j/w what the benefits are when you mix raw unfiltered honey into waterings? Ive seen ppl do it in videos on youtube but never heard a explanation why....
  7. J

    Can my babies switch sex after showing sex?

    Ok so 2 weeks ago at the beginning of flowering i had 8 bbys then lil by lil they started showing sex, at first i thought just 2 were male but 2 nights ago i noticed one was a male even though i swear i seen pistils on it, so last night the same thing happend again, i was pruning and noticed one...
  8. C

    Rosin tech info

    Here pic my second test doing Rosin tech. It with sour diesel mixed with blue dream, 10 grams at 170 F , 3 tons pressure for 30 seconds using just small bud at bottom of plant and dried for 2 days only. My question is I seen a lot Rosin pic and seen some golden honey look almost transparent...
  9. Blew Hiller

    Cannabis Tourism in Maine - Thoughts & Ideas?

    Maine just legalized and retail won't be online until at least Feb 2018 (due to a delayed referendum included in the law...they are basically trying to figure out how to tax it). In the meantime, it is legal for 21+ to use cannabis and, for Maine residents 21+, to cultivate, possess, and give...
  10. Gauge Steel

    Green Crack showing sex after three weeks? Noobie

    Complete Noob but are these showing sex?
  11. K

    Banking Regs Mean Oregon Flush With Marijuana Cash

    Medford, Ore. – As legalized marijuana brings more business to Oregon, some communities are seeing a large amount of cash in the economy thanks to strict regulations keeping banks away from the businesses. Banking officials say that after years of moving away from cash, financial institutions...
  12. C

    Weird seed growth

    so I purchased ome seeds and the all germed but the on has a double tap root so I planted it any way now I have 2 plants popping up ..I have never seen this before anybody have any info on this they r aroura indica from nirvana fem seed
  13. Skullman420

    Unknown strain - What's up with this ghostly grey plant

    A 420 friend sent me this photo of a grey/green pale plant. I have never seen anything like this. The plant seems to be fine, only the colors are completely weird. Anyone in here seen anything like this?
  14. N

    Most efficient and affordable extract/concentrate refinement system?

    Always wanted to make pure shatter. Have seen about purging with ethanol, acetone, iso etc and have seen closed loop systems. I've seen vacuum chambers, all kinds of stuff. A little too much to process for someone who is only used to farming. Anyway, what would be the most long term...
  15. S

    Huge problem in my tent - Need advice

    I have never seen this before .... please help
  16. G

    C-99 Mutations?

    There are quite a few c-99 posts and did quick look in some, but not seen any like this mentioned. Got 4 female seeds c-99 sprouted. They didn't look like great seeds, but night soak and planting popped all 4...one later than the others. First about 12 days ago. A couple of the c-99...
  17. AKgramma

    Swollen nodes and red stems - What strain?

    This plant was from one of the mystery seed sent along with an order from Nirvana. I've never seen this among the photos I have seen. Every Y joint has these swollen nodes and has bright green stems. There is some veg growing out of the swollen structures. Too early to tell what they are...
  18. C

    You've never seen a Dab this big unless you've seen this

    The man is ether made from asbestos or the video is fake.
  19. Justones

    Spider mites or trippin?

    So I've suspected spider mites for a while. But never really seen them. Today I was flushing the pots with water. I got in close while the pot was draining & it had standing water. I seen tiny little white things twiching in the water. Then I swear a couple of them jumped once the water drained...