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  1. potExtractR

    Variety selection

    Blue dream X space queen, blue Ibis, animal cookies and sum randoms.
  2. R

    Please Recommend a MOM

    I have only used Bud Buddy, but their selection is quite poor and the last couple of months, really bad. I really like to try different strains and I want what I want. Bud Buddy doesn't offer that. Can someone recommend a MOM in Canada that has really good selection and doesn't require...
  3. M

    Hello friends!

    Hi everyone. I'm Jean, 52 year old who has been using cannabis medically for chronic back pain and insomnia for about 5 years. You would think that I would be an expert by now, but I am Not Weed Saavy. I have a few questions. What the Hells That Smell - My area is dispensary free, delivery...
  4. BonzaSeedBank

    Bonza Sale - 25% Off All Auto Flowering Strains

    Come find our huge selection of strains today before they run out! FREE cannabis seeds - See the latest Bonza Seedbank promotions here
  5. R

    Here's Who Will Choose Hawaii's Medical Marijuana Distributors

    The state Department of Health has announced the five members of a committee that will review applications to grow and sell medical marijuana in Hawaii. They include University of Hawaii Manoa professor David Bess; retired state Supreme Court justice James Duffy; John Fisher, scientific...
  6. M

    Strain selection for Balcony Grow #3

    Hi all, after one year break I want to start another balcony grow. I don't have many experiences with different strains. During previous grows I chose mostly recent Cannabis Cup (CC) winners, mostly from Barny's Farm. I heard a lot of rumors that CC is not what it used to be and it is more...
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