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    Medical Marijuana Backers Blast Florida Developer Trying To Defeat Plan

    Everyone knows who defeated medical marijuana in Florida two years ago: casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who single-handedly pumped in millions to pay for scare ads that helped barely keep the amendment below 60 percent approval. But few remember that it was a St. Petersburg-based developer who...
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    The Richest One Percent Moves To Kill Medical Marijuana In Florida Again

    We recently wrote about how U.S. medical and recreational legalization efforts this election cycle are "dangerously overextended." Many campaigns have very little cash and will fail if opposition donors mount a serious effort. That appears to be happening in Florida, where activists at United...
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    FL: Morgan Fires Back At Sembler Over Medical Marijuana

    A rematch is shaping up between Orlando attorney John Morgan and Tampa Bay developer Mel Sembler over Amendment 2, a ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana in Florida. After Sembler told the Tampa Bay Times that he and his wife, Betty, would raise $10 million or more to defeat the...