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sensi skunk

  1. P

    First Grow Coco+, Early Skunk & Sensi Skunk

    First day with the new light mars hydro sp250, decided to start another sensi skunk and early skunk as the oldest 2 are coming back to life With 18 hours of light at about 23 inch from highest point 2x4 tent And fed with flora series nutrients Kept at 60-70%rh 25-28 degrees Any additional...
  2. L

    9 Auto 400w HPS Soil Grow

    Hello everyone :) Glad to join the community and very excited to learn with your feedback. This is my first time with Auto strains, so, tried to read the most possible about this stuff and my setup is what I thought was the best considering the budget I had available, but give me your thoughts...
  3. K

    Is My LST On An Auto Correct? Journal

    I have started growing a sensi skunk auto in my closet, now check this as its the most basic set up you can think of. I got a tent and a 125watt cfl. That's it. Gonna put a little fan soon but don't know about lighting. It's my very first grow just seeing what happens, I'm at about 2 weeks after...
  4. Lord Jebus

    I'm Back Baby

    Well in a few months I will be able to legally grow here in Canada so getting ready to come back with avengance.
  5. W1zard

    Sensi Skunk - Silver Haze #9 - Automatic AK - LED - Watch My 2nd Grow

    Hi all and thanks for stopping in. First off im a complete newb and only 36 days into my first grow so very happy for any help or guidance you might have as well pls feel free to check out my first grow Auto Massassassin and Greenhouse Green-o-matic's still in progress. - Link in signature...
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