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  1. G

    Automatic watering system

    Is there any commercial watering systems available at a reasonable price now? Something with a humidity sensor and a water pump?
  2. MadScience

    What's your preferred pH soil testing method, kit, probe, sensor?

    I love soil grows, wouldn't have it any other way. The greatest challenge I've run into is accurate pH testing. I have an expensive sensor to test run off, but I find it doesn't accurately represent the soil pH a few hours after treatment. I've tried various soil test kits with moderate success...
  3. S

    pH & other sensor monitoring using Datadog

    I do server monitor type stuff as an occupation and I have recently been introduced to a monitoring service called Datadog. They have a free offering up to 5 servers, so it's easy to get started with them. Anyways I had the idea to use their service to create some dashboards to monitor pH /...
  4. Rider509

    Playing with a lux meter and reflectors

    Curious about how much light was hitting my plants I bought a light meter. I'm running a 600W MH during the veg stage. To take measurements I held the light sensor pointed up and at plant top level. Directly below the light I was getting 60,000 lux, but the light fell off to 35,000 lux on the...
  5. steppedinds

    Grobo cabinet

    thought this little setup was pretty sweet. comes with all kinds of goodies and can functionally sit anywhere in your home. really awesome for small growers. i wish it had a bigger sister. smart phone app controlled, auto-nute feeder, res float valve, ppm sensor, ph sensor... enjoy...
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