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  1. Ron Strider

    Bermuda: Cannabis Smuggler Has Jail Sentence Cut

    A woman jailed for importing cannabis has had sentence reduced by eight months – but the court refused a request to increase the sentence of a second woman for drugs offences. Valisa Holder appealed against a 2½-year sentence imposed in Magistrates' Court, while the Crown asked to have the...
  2. barackuda

    White Widow - Timelapse ganja growing

    This was my last growing experience in 2016. Suspended sentence. White Widow. Timelapse ganja growing - YouTube
  3. K

    Canadian Judge Strikes Down Pot Grower's Minimum Sentence As 'Unconstitutional'

    Because Hai Thi Pham was growing 1,110 marijuana plants in a high-rise building in north west Toronto, in an apartment she didn't own, she should have received a mandatory minimum sentence of two - maybe three - years in prison. But an Ontario judge called that sentence cruel, unusual, and...
  4. K

    55 Years In Prison For Marijuana Until Obama, A Republican, And Advocates Intervened

    Weldon Angelos could have spent 55 years in federal prison for selling marijuana - until reform advocates, President Barack Obama, and a federal court intervened to abruptly cut his sentence short at 12 years. Angelos, who's from Utah, had become a public face of America's broken and...
  5. R

    11 Countries With The Harshest Drug Laws On Earth

    Drug crimes still carry the death penalty in some places across the world. Many Americans might argue that drug laws – particularly marijuana possession laws – are too harsh in the United States. Still, compared to some other countries, American drug laws are relatively relaxed. The...
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