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  1. steelcap956

    Serrano in Aerogarden7

    New guy here. My first grow. Fresh Serrano seed in stock aerogarden7. Using the supplied nutes. It sprouted in 6 days. I've learned so much from this forum and am getting prepared to get my game plan for a lowryder#2 grow. It'll be a single plant and I think it'll do great. Cheers!
  2. Ron Strider

    CA: In Adelanto, Competition For Coveted Cannabis Dispensary Licenses

    Six applicants have filed for four coveted medical cannabis dispensary permits, according to City Manager Gabriel Elliott. At 2 p.m. Friday, Elliott, Mayor Rich Kerr, Mayor Pro Tem Jermaine Wright and two residents appointed at-large to a subcommittee were scheduled to meet inside Kerr's...