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  1. SeedsMan

    Dear Seedsman Competition - Win Your 250 Euros Christmas Wishlist

    Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous, healthy 2018! Seasons Greetings from the Seedsman team We hope to hear from you all in the new year, we have many new and exciting things planned for 2018. :cheer2: It s the most wonderful time of year! Dont write to Santa, write...
  2. J

    Pass Female Screening For Child Protective Services

    Hey guys, This is a sensitive topic for me so if you have nothing nice to say I'd appreciate it if you leave my post alone. I am strictly 420, and have been since I was a teenager. That being said, I recently gave birth and was referred to Child Protective Services for being marijuana...
  3. Ron Strider

    Booming Las Vegas Cannabis Industry Welcomes Delivery Services By Hytiva

    The premium Las Vegas cannabis brand Hytiva is partnering with Nevadan dispensaries to provide medical patients delivery services of the plant and its products directly to one’s doorstep. After the industry collected $27 million during its first month of recreational sales, beating Colorado and...
  4. Ron Strider

    CA: Hundreds Of Unlicensed Marijuana Delivery Services Spark Controversy In San Diego

    Commercial marijuana is months away from legality in California, but the future of marijuana delivery services remains in flux in San Diego. An analysis by NBC 7 Investigates found hundreds of unlicensed medical marijuana delivery services have flooded into city and county limits...
  5. Ron Strider

    CA: Delivery Services Are The Answer To San Diego's Cannabis Problems

    Looking around our city, you would hardly know that marijuana will be legally sold here starting in January. Due to delays and inaction by city government, San Diego could be the California city least prepared for legal cannabis retail. This is mainly because there are still around 300...
  6. Ron Strider

    CA: Clearing The Haze Around Cannabis Delivery Services

    Cannabis policy is confusing. It's not always clear which activities are legal and which aren't. It's especially murky during this transitional time since Californians voted to legalize recreational marijuana in the state, but left it up to local municipalities to regulate it. Voice of San...
  7. Ron Strider

    IL: 'Cannabis-Conscious' Alternative Health Clinic Opens In West Dundee

    he founders of a new West Dundee business describe their concept as "a wellness boutique and apothecary with a twist." Melanie Dillon, a licensed clinical professional counselor, and Kalee Hooghkirk, an esthetician and cannabis clinician, recently opened Entourage Clinical Services at 737 S...
  8. K

    Salveo Capital Collects Capital For Legal Cannabis-Focused Fund

    Chicago-based Salveo Capital, a venture firm dedicated to legal cannabis sector, has collected the first commitments for its $25m-targeting debut fund. Salveo Fund I has landed $1.69m from 20 unnamed LPs according to a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. The filing...
  9. K

    CA: Recreational Marijuana Legalized But Delivery Prevented By New City Regulations

    Some will be ringing in the New Year with a glass of champagne and some may be legally celebrating with a joint. Marijuana delivery services are counting on cashing-in big on New Year's Eve. Forbes reports a 71 percent increase in marijuana orders on Dec. 31. But those services...
  10. K

    Economists Examine U.S. Legal Cannabis Sector To Gauge The Value Of Banking Services

    Despite the many innovative services in the digital age, conventional banking remains important to newly-established businesses; banking cannot yet be replaced by online financial services such as crowdfunding or PayPal, say Professor Jan Riepe and Markus Merz from the University of Tübingen in...
  11. Masterblaster

    420 Delivery Services

    Why can delivery services post prices and dispensaries can't? smoking-banana-smiley-emoticon.gif
  12. K

    Prison Food Provider Donates To Keep Marijuana Illegal In Arizona

    A deep-pocketed coalition is spending big to keep marijuana illegal in Arizona. Drug companies, the Chamber of Commerce, and the alcohol industry, have together poured millions of dollars into the campaign to defeat Proposition 205, a ballot measure that would legalize marijuana for those over...
  13. K

    NM: Legislative Committee Tackles Medical Pot

    The New Mexico Legislative Health and Human Services committee will meet in Taos for three days starting Aug. 22 to hear updates on a number of health-related issues that have come under scrutiny in recent months. The meeting opens with an update on New Mexico's medical cannabis program...
  14. K

    NM: Legislative Committee Tackles Medical Pot

    The New Mexico Legislative Health and Human Services committee will meet in Taos for three days starting Aug. 22 to hear updates on a number of health-related issues that have come under scrutiny in recent months. The meeting opens with an update on New Mexico's medical cannabis program...
  15. K

    USPTO Keeps The Door Locked For Marijuana-Related Services

    Medical marijuana is currently legal in 25 states, including four states that have also legalized recreational use (Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington). On Nov. 8, California voters will have a chance to make their state the next to legalize recreational use. As a dollar amount, Forbes...
  16. K

    Congress Just Says No To Banking Services For Marijuana Businesses

    Yet another attempt has failed to pass legislation shielding banks that provide services to marijuana-related businesses from regulatory action or other penalties. Late last week, the US House of Representatives appeared likely to approve an amendment to the House Financial Services and General...
  17. K

    U.S. Senate May Ease Banking For Marijuana Businesses

    Salem, Oregon - An amendment to aid marijuana businesses seeking financial services passed the Senate Appropriations Committee on June 16. The amendment, sponsored by U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley of Oregon, would bar federal banking regulators from preventing or penalizing banks for providing...
  18. M

    Mass Dispensaries

    Delivery Services
  19. R

    California County To Consider Ban On Medical Marijuana Delivery Services

    Shasta County Supervisors will consider on Tuesday a zoning amendment to prohibit medical marijuana delivery services. Along with the amendment to ban delivery services from operating in unincorporated areas of the county, supervisors will also consider adopting a zoning permit system for...
  20. R

    Marijuana Legalization 2016: Could Cannabis Home Delivery Services Come To Seattle?

    There's no shortage of home delivery services, with apps for everything from groceries to alcohol to condoms, and some areas have another product under discussion for doorstep delivery: marijuana. In Seattle, lawmakers are pushing a bill that would legalize cannabis home delivery services...
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