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  1. BB0420

    Qb96Elites build

    Hello all I have just finished building my light. It’s (6) QB96Elites ran off of (3) HLG-320H-54A drivers wired in parallel. Wow these lights are super bright picture doesn’t do it justice. I can tell these are going to be way better than my (2) viparspectra 1200watt lights. I kind of just got...
  2. G

    Need input and help on set up

    Hello, I'm growing legally as a caregiver and I ran into a problem and need some help but allow me to explain everything first. So, I have a building with a main floor and then a basement level. Both floors are 28W x 23L , the upper floor is a 10 foot ceiling while the basement is 7-8 feet...
  3. D

    How to arrange & section off a 5.6 ft x 6.49 ft - 1730 x1980mm

    Hey fellow cultivators, i have a space that's 5.6ft (1730mm) x 6.49 (1980) Currently have a single 80x80 (0.26 ft x 0.26 ft) square tent where i have a 3 plant DWC recagular container. Inside the tent is a fan, extraction filter and light. The room with the tent inside still has some room...
  4. Hypopotodog

    First grow 2x 8 Ball Kush - Need advice and tips please!

    Hello people just signed up today and super excited to mix with you all and learn some more! Basically I'm posting because I'd like reviews of my current set up so that I can improve it as much as possible. I will post some piccies at the bottom of this post for you all to see :) It's a...
  5. E

    How is my set up & other questions

    I have only some questions. How is my set up? I got 5 plants in total. My 2 biggest were my first. I am doing a side by side comparison on MG Soil ve FFOF Soil. And not using no fertilizers right now. Still trying to decide. Ph is steady on 7.0 and i do have some yellow leaves but i am sure it...
  6. M

    Help setting up grow tent! Few questions

    Hello! Im setting up my new grow tent here soon with my buddy and we're new to this but, we did some an amount of research and I just have a few questions about my grow set up I have in mind and would like to hear your thoughts...
  7. W

    my single plant grow box, are there any problems?

    im going to be using a 1.5 x 1.5ft box that is about 3 feet high. im using 6 23 watt cfls. the box will be located in the attic which goes below freezing so i have a halogen lamp. (around 70 watts, i dont remember exactly) also the walls inside will have a small christmass light set wraped...
  8. preprodigy

    Planning Your Grow!

    Planning Your Grow By Urban Garden Magazine ⋅ July 12, 2010 ⋅ Filed Under Issue 11, lighting requirements, planning So, you've selected where you are going to set up your indoor garden. Now it's time to spec out exactly what you're going to need to make it all happen! Your mission...
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