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  1. C

    Is anything wrong - What do you suggest?

    hey guys I have a question about my set up. I am growing in a 31x31x71 tent using a 600w MH with 600w ballast with settings of 250w, 400w, 600w, super Lumen. Im wondering if my space is too small for my light. As of now ballast is set to 600w. Should I change anything, move plants further away...
  2. L


    What's up stoners growers and erybody else. I've been lurking around this forum for advice with my grow set up and I figured it was time to join up.
  3. Ron Strider

    California Rules Leave Cities And Counties To Set Cannabis Acreage Caps

    California's three state licensing authorities released their emergency regulations for cannabis last month. Those rules leave it up to cities and counties to place a cap on acreage for growers seeking a license to cultivate cannabis. "It has been a very fast and furious year with the...
  4. M

    New guys seek set up advice

    Hi all I'm here seeking some advice from those of you with a wealth of knowledge. After 3 years of growing auto flowerings seeds outside in soil in south of the UK with a south facing garden and had varying results each year, i've basically become increasingly frustrated and i'm moving to...
  5. N

    Veg looks terrible and I have no ideas left - Help me troubleshoot!

    Here are the details: Room: 160 sq ft. Indoor. Temp set to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Humidity set to 64%. CO2 at 1000. Lights: 6 gavitas at 500 watts for total of 3000 watts Medium: botanicare cocogro coir fiber in 5 gallon smart pots. Water: RO in 50 gal res Nutes: GH Cocotek grow a and b...
  6. M

    Ventilation for LED set up

    What type of ventilation set up would i need for a 10x11 room running 5 1200w full spectrum LED lights with about 26 plants? I understand that the light emitted from the LEDs produces about 90% less heat so I'm figuring it would be more for just circulating the stale air into fresh air. Any...
  7. B

    My first DWC set up - Soon to be RDWC - What do you think?

    Just looking for input these are random seeds and I'm currently trying to learn when and how to tell the sex I'm pretty sure I have a good idea on what the pistols should look like. This box is 5ft tall 5 ft wide and 2 1/2 ft deep 300w led about to add one more 300w using advanced nutrients...
  8. S

    Ballast problems

    hi. i had an omega 400w ballst only used on one grow.and a lumni 400w ballast used 3 grows. had my set up down for a few weeks and had them in dry warm storage. put the omega back in set up and was working fine. then went to ad lumni to the set up and was making a noise but light would not...
  9. S

    Can I bring outdoor plant inside for 72hrs with no light?

    I have an outdoor plant that is about 5-10 days away from harvest. I am going out of town and need to bring it in for 3 days. I don't have any lighting but will set it next to window and it will get indirect light, also will set up a fan. Will it be ok? I realize it's not ideal and that it...
  10. Ron Strider

    PA: Pittsburgh City Council Takes 1st Steps For Medical Marijuana Permitting Process

    The city of Pittsburgh has begun the process of setting up a permitting and zoning process for medical marijuana facilities. Currently, three dispensaries are set to open in January. All three got special waivers from the Planning and Zoning Board to apply, and were granted permission by...
  11. B

    36 gallon tote grow

    Forced from the closet to a set of totes.... Trying to add pics... Not sure how.
  12. P


    Strangest looking seedling I ever had. Any ideas what is up with it? The next set look 2 fingered?
  13. Ripples

    Set up questions

    I have an area of 9'x12' with 7' ceilings... Was debating the lighting situation... first thought was 4 1000w hps stationary with my 2 8" inlines and filters... I have run a similar set up for years with great success... (separated with tents) looking for suggestions, considering using some...
  14. G

    Landrace Wild Thai growth rate

    Seed popped after after 7 days + 3 into rockwool. Been 30 days and seedling stopped growing after 14 days. Just tiny: one small leaf set. Otherwise, very healthy appearance. Typical for a landrace sativa? (World of Seeds)
  15. A

    Hydro Sog set up

    Hi everyone, I am just looking for any tips or advice on a set up I might be doing in the future. I am looking to do a perpetual grow the cloning and veg bit is fine as I have done them be for. In the flower tent I am running a 250w ups and looking to try a hydro set up. What I have is a...
  16. C

    Help slow seedling growth

    Hi! I am a first time grower and am currently growing 3 ak-47 auto flowering plants outdoors. They are at seven days in the soil now and they are still on their first set of true leaves and the first set isn't even very big. Is this rate normal for outdoors? It seems fairly slow is there...
  17. GanjaGed

    No love for MN

    Maybe I'll try to pick up the mantle here :) I guess you can't really get excited for a State that has managed to lose $11 million dollars in 2 years selling marijuana! And now our brilliant strategy is to set up conditions that require interstate transportation... I'm just hoping the...
  18. B

    1st indoor concerns

    Hi all, Been snooping around these forums for a while and this seems like the​ best of the lot so here I am with a couple of questions I'm sure someone here can help with. Been growing guerrilla outdoor for a while but recently set up indoor tent as I've had to relocate to a colder area...
  19. S

    Mutated looking leaves

    Hey guys I have a 10 day old NL auto . She's on her 3rd set of true leaves now , but I noticed her second set of true leaves came with only two blades and I find this rather strange . Any gurus out there who are familiar with this sorta thing? Appreciate your replies
  20. B

    Growing problems

    I am in desperate need of help...my plants are between 3 and 6 inches tall...very thin and only have the first set of leaves.. I am afraid I will loose them all.....please help