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  1. G

    MS levels ?

    G'day guys, just a question about nutrient levels. First time growing in doors, used to just put seeds in with the vegies and just water in but growing now medically for personal use. I bought an EC metre and was told on setting mS that it should be reading 1.9 , just wondering what all this...
  2. panel350

    Setting up grow tent

    Hi All, great site!! I'm setting up my first grow tent ,it's 31cf I have a 1000w led on order ,I just want to know what CFM inline fan to get for Carbon filter to suit this size tent . Cheers Kev
  3. T

    Too little for 16 days

    hi this is my second grow the first was nice and with no problems (easy bud rqs) but now i have a auto shocolate skunk in the same setting 10l pot with soil from garden center and a 125w dual cfl bulb with reflector 30 cm over her.now is day 16 have a look she is so little :(