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sex of plant

  1. Medgrower93

    First Grow: Indoors & Outdoors

    Strain: Unknown Age: 1 month No of plants: 4 Indoor or outdoor: two indoors 18/6 - two outdoors 12/12. Lighting: DIY LED combined with a LED bulb Medium: Organic Soil (no sythetic liquid nutes) Soil mix: 1/2 potting soil, 1/4 coco-coir, 1/4 kitchen waste compost. Temp: 25c day - 22c night RH of...
  2. C

    1st time grower - Are these male or female?

    Rebel Rebel You've got your mother in a whirl 'cause she's Not sure if you're a boy or a girl Gifted with two plants, growing outdoors in Earthboxes, plants are around 3.5' tall. Confused as to what sex they actually are, please help identify Green + Blue. Thanks!
  3. F

    First time outdoor grow - Need help determining sex, please!

    Hello! This is my first grow, and my first post- I've been learning so much from everyone here, but all this info is making me doubt myself on a few things.... I have been keeping it pretty simple- started from seed, then planted in peat pots, then transferred to 5 gallon pots. They are grown...
  4. trichomes

    Do you see Balls on these babies? I think I see balls/sacks

    I think I see balls thank you, it may still be too soon to kill them. :thanks:
  5. P

    Need help sexing my first ganja plant

    Hi. I've got a small seedling. It's stem has split into 2 leaves and I don't know what sex the plant is. Can anyone tell me how to sex it ?? Any advice will help aha thanks