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  1. D

    Sexing Question

    Hi all, glad to be a new member on the website. I just have a question about sexing. I would like to know if its possible that if I take a clone from each of my plants and straight up change the light cycle to 24 hours night if they will sex before they die? Or would it be best to first root the...
  2. O

    Male or female?

    First grow. Can't really tell myself but week 2 of veg. Just curious to others opinions. Is it a boy or girl?
  3. V


    I’m probably the ‘greenest’ newcomer here ... I just love gardening in general & thought ‘why not’ give this a shot too? I’m referring back to this website almost daily for knowledge, so I thought I’d go ahead & join :) I’m watching my 2 babies very carefully & noticed this today (see photo).
  4. Closet Urban Grower

    First time sexing: is this a hermie?

    Hey. I took a couple photos and wanted to get your opinion on the sex. The plants are in week 9 of veg and after a couple weeks of high heat, I cannot tell if my precious females are turning hermie!!! Thanks a bunch friends. These photos are from one plant.
  5. Getting Close!!

    Getting Close!!

  6. Nervous Dad !

    Nervous Dad !

  7. Nervous Dad !

    Nervous Dad !

  8. F

    Need help sexing my plants

    I have 11 plants, 5 definite females / showing pistils. Need help with the others any help would be very much appreciated, all plants from 'bag seed' first time growing indoor. Under 2x600w White power substance is organic dustaway 'gant-off' i added last night when i noticed a few gants...
  9. S

    I need help guys: Male or female?

    I got some seeds out of a random bag and decided to give them a shot. They all germinated and took off. I switched from a porch to a tent with better lighting to start the flowering indoors. they look like they have nut clusters yet have hairs in spots I cant imagine all 3 would be hermie? Each...
  10. A

    Is this a male?

    Hi guys i'm growing autoflowers outside. Both cbd and thc. This one is none feminized auto cbd. It looks like a male to me but its my first grow. Can you pros please help a nub? Thanks in advance
  11. C

    Is this female?

    Hey everyone, so being my first time growing I just want some input on sexing my plant. Just switched to the 12/12 light cycle and noticed what looks to be 2 white hairs. In my own research I think it means female but also not sure what herm plants look like. Any input is welcome and thank you!
  12. HydroponicFireman

    Whippersnapper Re-Veg: A Learning Process, 1st Attempt

    So it has begun... This is something I've never done before, so I decided to document it. I'll be doing a grow journal about re-vegging which will be limited to: 1) growing from (NON-feminized) seed 2) flowering as quickly as possible with limited vegetative time 3) identifying and...
  13. Lungbutterorbs

    99% sure this is Male?

    Unfortunately the nicest looking plant i have seems to be a male.. Can anyone experienced confirm this for me?
  14. P

    Noob here, can someone please help me identify sex?

    I can't seem to figure out what sex this is, would appreciate help from someone more experienced!
  15. L

    Seedling issues - Nutraburn

    What's up everyone! Im new here so im still finding my way around. I ran into a little nutraburn issue on one of my plants that has a history of issues, I was wondering what are the odds of the plant being a female if, the plant has stunted during its seedling stage for a month and a half...
  16. L

    Hey hey happy new year! Need advice on plant

    What's up everyone! Im new here so im still finding my way around. I was wondering how/where to post if i am seeking advice on grows. I ran into a little nutraburn issue on one of my plants that has a history of issues, I was wondering what are the odds of the plant being a female if, the...
  17. B

    Need help sexing in veg

    Is this a male?
  18. P

    I am a first time grower! Need help sexing this plant! Think it is showing signs

    This is my first grow, I only have one plant. I wasn't careful with my second see after it germinated and like a fool I touched the tap root. So it died. My second seedling has grown and grown. I took some pictures that I could get close up as possible with my phone. They are not great. I...
  19. B

    Need Help With Sexing & Nutrition Issues?

    ok need help with these please. 1-4 are unknown seed plants.. i have a few questions i will list i need answered . is 1 male or female? i see the odd white pistol but mainly what you see in the pic 2 looks female to me but looks wilted ans yellowing leaves. what could be my issue? is 4...
  20. B

    Will a node ever have multiple calyces? Plant sexing

    I'm trying to determine whether my plant is a male or a female. I'm wondering whether a female plant will ever have more than one calyx preflower right next to each other, or whether that bunching indicates that it is a male plant, and that they are stamens and not calyxes. I've tried to...
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