1. Some shade from the sun

    Some shade from the sun

    Some shade in the hottest part of the day is good
  2. HigherTheHigh

    5x5 tent - 4 plants - 1000W HPS - Heat questions

    Hello all i hope everyone is happy and healthy. It will be my first time using a 1000w hps in a 5x5 tent, what are the heat issues like? I will be running a 6" 600mm filter or maby run another incase the temps rise. I was thinking of running a panabolic shade but id like oppinions on...
  3. N

    Using a 300W LED to replace outdoor shade hours

    Hey, so I'm just entering the flowering stage with my first grow. The strain is unknown, as this plant was a free seed from a small batch of autos that didn't take. I've had the plant vegging outdoors since August 20th (late, I know. terribly new to this) in a 3-gal pot. It started pre-flowering...
  4. G

    Wind break advice needed

    I'm growing outdoor in 4' square boxes with horizontal trellising and 20% shade cloth around each box. The shade cloth is there to really protect from the strong winds, and also keeps the bugs from them. First time I've tried this approach. We get long direct sun (10+ hot each day) so the...
  5. A

    Yellowing shade leaves?

    Yellow shade leaves??? Thoughts......
  6. D

    Discolored shade leaves

    Hi, I have discolored shade leaves on some of my plants, can someone please tell me if I'm lacking oxygen or nitrogen in my plants please and thank you!
  7. D

    New outdoor grower

    Hi all, I have a greenhouse and my plants seem to be doing awesome, I have some beautiful girls, this is my first time doing an outside grow, my question is do you pull the shade leaves or leave them on? Any help would greatly be appreciated!:thanks:
  8. W

    Companion growing

    Quite by accident I have found that when I planted sunflowers in my outdoor garden plot to form a screen I was also benefiting my crop. After my third year outdoor in the eastern California desert I have had exactly zero problems with insects of any kind. Just recently I read that sunflowers...
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