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  1. Ron Strider

    Marijuana Index Gains As Cannabis Stocks Cheer Consumer Spending Report

    Cannabis stocks rose sharply heading into the holiday weekend as The North American Marijuana Index gained on Friday. Investors bet against the broader markets, with Wall Street and the Canadian exchanges both falling to close out the week. Despite indications of higher unemployment yesterday...
  2. M

    Greetings from the 6ix

    Hello, My name is Al and I write to you from Canada. I've been enjoying the sacred plant for over 20 years, but this is my first time attempting to growing my own meds. Already 6 weeks into veg, and faced with my first trials and tribulations. Hoping to get some valuable insight from this...
  3. T

    How To Share Costs & Profits - Industry Norms?

    I should be fully set up for a small 16 light indoor grow within a week. We will triple that size in Dec as we have the conditioned space, as long as the grower can handle the small grow first). My question is - profit split between investor (me) and grower (partner). To start, I provide the...
  4. Lady Antheia

    A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step

    My first step began when I started wondering about medical cannabis and asked my doctor about it out of desperation. Thanks to the many wonderful people on this site and others that have been willing to share, I have learned a great amount and am now confident in my decision to move forward on...
  5. SweetSue

    CBD Joy: A Community Garden Experience

    Cannabidiol, or CBD as it's most commonly referred to, is the less-euphoric major cannabinoid found in cannabis. It's referred to as a "promiscuous " cannabinoid, a fancy way of saying it's a multi-tasker to the extreme, taking on multiple healing "assignments" simultaneously and impacting the...
  6. J


    Hi Everyone ! I just wanted to introduce myself as a new member of this lovely forum. I am a very new grower ( Australia ) and mostly seeking the experience of growing this amazingly versatile plant ! I will be trying to share as much as I can and looking forward to learn from you all...
  7. K

    Grow room heater and climate control system for small grows

    Hey all Usually I'm asking the questions but I now actually have something to share. I'm growing in an outside shed with no heat which is fine when my lights are on but freezing cold if not. I picked up a couple items last week that work great so I thought I'd share. New air 400 watt space...
  8. C

    First post after taking the participation step

    Hello there, I have been reading a lot in this forum and you guys helped me so many times that I finally took the step in participating in this community. I find it not fair to only take and read so it seems right to me that it is time to share some of my own experiences. I have been...
  9. Pigeons420

    A Visual Journal With Pigeons420

    Welcome Everyone! Please take a seat and grab your bongs, pipes, edibles and enjoy yourself as I embark on another journey here at 420. Before I get started I want everyone to know how thankful I am for your friendships and guidance. I've made life long friends here and I truly consider...
  10. A

    New member

    Hi all Very pleased to join the forum. I live in London and would appreciate hearing from members who might like to share wisdom and good practice in this field. I am a beginner. Vivian (male) aged 64.
  11. W

    Hey folks

    Good evening everyone. Just want to introduce myself. I'm Women growers I run blog under the same name. Looking for few advices here and perhaps maybe i can share my experience and knowledge sometime. Happy to join 420 family. Love WG
  12. Bodhisattva

    Epic seedling mutations - Share yours - Check mine

    :Love: this little bubble kush firstly the leaves are so odd and then secondly - she randomly decided to branch out into two double bubble trouble above the rockwool rubble Anyone had any seedlings do funky stuff ? - please share more pics and info on GROW 2 link below
  13. G

    The Arkansas Medical Cannabis Act

    The state of Arkansas, has a leadership, that cares little or nothing at all, for the suffering men, women and children, and they continue to ignore the over 200,000 veterans who live in this state. The Governor could care less. The Congressional contingent always quotes 4 year old faulty...
  14. W

    Wertyu in the grow-house

    hey, just wanted to introduce myself, im looking foward to share my progress and stuff, peace
  15. Bapple

    Food The Best Medicine! - The Munchies - Culinary & Nutrition Corner

    So I decided to start this thread so that we can share our food, and culinary experiences and what we like to eat when we have the munchies. I love cooking, fishing, hunting gardening and great food and wine. It would be nice to share banter with other like minded 420 members Share any...
  16. OldSchool 64

    I think I'm gonna need a bigger grow room!

    Thought I share a pic of my white widows...there in week 7.....6 weeks of veg .topped once and tied down .there's 10 in there in a 5x6 room and I'm hoping for 6 to 8 colas each..should be an ausome sight in seven more weeks. And yes that's my redneck ceiling fan..works great and was only 10...
  17. Squeektoi

    New Member Squeektoi

    Hi! Glad to be here hopefully I will learn a thing or two and share some pics and stories with u groovy ppl! :thanks:
  18. R

    First Attempt - Feminized Auto Skunk

    Hello guys, I am new at this forum and i want to say thanks for all the important knowledge that you share here. I recently bought some seeds online (Feminized Auto Skunk seeds) and i planted them at 18lt pots under a CFL grow panel (4 x 55w CFLs). One of my ladies the oldest one...