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  1. M


    I'm a first time grower and wondering if any one has any tips they wouldn't need mind sharing on growing white widow and Jack Herer Thank you
  2. Old Hippy 127

    Sharing the space

    So, I'm in my grow room, imagining several weeks down the road, and patting myself on the back, when suddenly this small UFO does a tight circle around my head and heads back out the door into the basement! Apparently I will be sharing this space with a common brown bat. I'm OK with that. Eat...
  3. M

    Newbie says Hi

    Excited to join the community and start learning and sharing , thanks for letting me join :Namaste:
  4. D

    Ventilation System: Show me what you got!

    I have fans and ducting being delivered next week, but I need to work on a design for my grow room. Anyone mind sharing theirs so I can see examples? Thanks!
  5. Scrogdawg

    Question regarding cloning?

    When is the right time to take clones and what is the process? Iffin ya'll don't mind sharing with a rookie please....
  6. CareStaker

    Staker's 2017: SSSDH, Killer Purps, Dolato, Candyland & Breeder's Test Grows

    Happy New Year to all! :cheer2::circle-of-love::welcome::420: We are going to start the year off right here - in newly legal Mass!! I've been medical for some time, but now more people will be able to reunite with this lost miracle, cannabis. In this new and exciting time, I hope that we...
  7. Jacobsenji

    Long time outdoors - First time in

    I am Jacob. I have been outdoors for a number of years and now circumstances dictate I take it on inside. So here goes somethin. I will have questions and sometimes maybe even answers so I hope to be a part of sharing knowledge, experience and ideas. Thanks to all, Jacob The...
  8. M

    MADGrow Intro

    Hello Everyone, Just want to say Hi from Colorado, I've started my own medical grow and look forward to learning and sharing. I am 4 weeks into an aquaponic/soil grow (will post pics once I figure out the best way) and working on setting up my flowering area, I am using 2 - 8 bulb T5...
  9. P

    Hi - I am New Buds and look forward to sharing my bud experiences!

    New Buds my nickname Pridos also my gamer tag Looking for to sharing my new buds information and photos ! :thumb: