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  1. mouser

    Mouser's Perpetual Grow

    This will be a 3 plant grow. The Shark Shock, and the ATA Tundra were dropped sometime around the first week of June, and the AK was dropped a couple weeks later. they have been vegging since under a couple Aero Garden hoods...I am unsure of the wattage, but I like the white light and the...
  2. S

    End of week 3 Shark Attack

    Hey everyone. End of week3 flowering of 2 shark attack seeds. Soil grow with handwatering. I gave a large dose of molasses for first time yesterday. (Made a mistake and gave big dose) Had a look today and my pistils are browning. Should I panic yet???
  3. S

    Shark attack ending week 3 flowering

    Hey one and all. Would anyone mind having a look at the pics below, just want to make sure the ladies are okay. 2 plants shark attack from seed in soil. Gave them 5-7-10 2 days ago next water and food tomorrow no nitrogen just 15-19 with micronutrients.
  4. S

    Shark Attack - Anyone got any tips for flowering?

    Hey one and all. I am on my first grow. 2 plants of shark attack. Things seem to be going well but just wanted to know if anyone has any tips for the last few weeks of budding? Thanks in advance, Spunk
  5. Birdhouse

    LED - High Brix - C'99 - CBD Shark Shock - Afgooey

    Hi and welcome to my journal! This is my first time growing cannabis, my past growing experience comes from outdoor vegetable and fruit gardening. I built a cabinet (6' wide/3.5' deep/6.5' tall) over the past few months to try some indoor gardening during the winter months. Here are the...
  6. crazy horse

    Mr Nice - Shark Shock - Grow Journal 2011

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