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  1. Smoky da bear

    Most efficient use of entire plant!!

    Hey guys I'm a somewhat rookie. I've used these forums before to grow some amazing stuff. Now, I know I'm late to the party but I just made cannabutter for the first time and it's got me curious about the best and most efficient way of making the most of every part of the plant. Be it butters or...
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    Jack herer
  3. A6CB62FC-F665-402B-8161-B99AD96D461E.jpeg


    Shatter from my go online order place some grand daddy purple shatter . Very strong medicine best stuff I’ve had to date . Indica dominate. Taste oh my ! Terrible reviewer my bad !
  4. My Wake and Bake special

    My Wake and Bake special

    Joint of New York City Diesel x Lavender x Ja Goo flower with Blackberry Kush bubble hash , Romulan and Sunset Sherbet shatter .
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    Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 7.41.37 AM.png

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    Headband shatter first attempt
  7. E68205AC-5DBF-4933-A9C1-929EAC3C2FFA.jpeg


    Headband 818 shatter /oil
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  9. N

    Elephant weed

    I was given the name "elephant man" by local First Nations people because of the quality of my medicine. >60% thc medicinal bud
  10. T

    Using Shatter For Salves

    I have been making salves and tinctures for awhile but I am interested in using some shatter for my salves to increase the efficacy. Especially THCA and CBDA. The numbers of those on shatter are high. Way higher then flower. Does anyone here have experience with this? thank you in advance...
  11. K

    Concentrating On Cannabis - Shatter, Sap, And Sugar

    In my ongoing multipart series on concentrates I've looked back over the past 5,000 years, from butter to hash to the introduction of solvents. This week I'll talk about the concentrates you will most typically find in a dispensary: light hydrocarbons, or BHOs. Coming in a myriad of forms, BHOs...
  12. HashGirl

    Quick Draw 500-DLX vs Arizer Solo

    My husband and I bought a new portable vaporizor for me last night. It's purple and called a Quick Draw 500-DLX. I liked that it was purple and that it said it could vape liquid, extracts and herbs. We've had some grapefruit shatter since about February, stored in the freezer but didn't...
  13. R

    'Shatter' - Super-High Potency Pot, Now Appearing On East Coast

    As marijuana expands its presence on the East Coast, a highly concentrated form is now appearing on law enforcement radar: "shatter," a cannabis extract with about 80 percent THC content which is legal in states such as Colorado and Washington, sold in medical marijuana dispensaries in other...
  14. D

    Butane Free Process To Blow Wax! Where Has This Been - Opinions?

    I've been so tired of smoking wax and getting that butane cough & taste that I decided to google a way to blow wax without the butane. I came across this company called Kleen Xtract, has anyone heard of it? If so, what are your thoughts & honest opinion? I decided to order their smallest size (a...
  15. W

    Eden Co2 Sub Critical extract product

    I have just had 3 batches of cannabis processed by an Eden CO2 Extractor. It is very smooth and potent and very STICKY. It sticks to everything and leaves behind substance EVERY time it touches ANYTHING. I tried to freeze it to see if it would be easier to work with... No GO!! Is there a...
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