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  1. Ron Strider

    NY: Saratoga County Marijuana Effort Yields 450 Plants

    Police spent three days searching for marijuana plants around Saratoga County last week, seizing 450 plants around the county. The Saratogas County Sheriff's Office was assisted by a State Police helicopter and state forest rangers as they pulled up mature plants found to be growing outside...
  2. Ron Strider

    AZ: Marijuana Bust Yields 'Cap'n Munch,' More Cereal Puns

    Three Texas men carrying marijuana in containers with children's cereal-like names such as "Chronic Toast Crunch," "Frooty Loopys" and "Cap'n Munch" were caught in northern Arizona, officials said. Demitrio Uriostegui, 22; Gerardo Lopez, 25; and Julian Camacho-Soto, 27, were driving on...
  3. T

    Florida Sheriff's Candidate Vows to Stop War on Pot

    My name is James McLynas and I am running for Sheriff of Pinellas County. While I do not have the power to hasten the change to the legalization of marijuana in Florida, an elected Sheriff has the power to expend the resources of his department in a manner that best serves the community. It...
  4. R

    Missouri Sheriffs Group Opposes Plan For Legal Medical Marijuana

    A group called New Approach Missouri is about to start collecting signatures on an initiative petition to legalize medical marijuana. On Tuesday, the Missouri Sheriffs Association made its stance against the measure known. New Approach Missouri wants to create a regulated medical marijuana...