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  1. MackMcMacMac

    Mack Meets Cinderella In Soil - A Love Story In Flux

    So excited to see my latest seed pop. She's a photoperiod feminized Cinderella-99 by Sumo (Princess X Cinderella 88 genetics). I picked this strain for a) sativa, b) high THC, c) grows short to live in my CheapAss® 2x2x4 grow tent. She's currently in the 5-gallon space bucket under 2 "daylight"...
  2. C

    Does my NL Auto 4wk old look ok to you guys?

    What the title says really? She's had preflowers for about a week but I'm concerned that she's stretched too much, what do you guys think? I'm a first time grower, also I thought she would be a bit bushier.
  3. P

    Right flowering time?

    Hello, I'm in that time window when I don't know if it's too early, or too late. I would like to harvest at the perfect time so I'm here asking you if she's still got some days to go or if it's time to chop. She's a super skunk autoflower, producers say it should be ready in 60-70 days...
  4. C

    What to expect?

    So if I switch from grow to bloom nutes with my auto, does that mean all growth stops? Or can I expect a triple in size (as she enters flowering) like with normal plants? She's slowed vertical growth and is showing preflowers, time to change to bloom nutes? Excuse the dumb questions, first...
  5. Why Doe

    She's droopy - Normal? Help?

    So I can't really figure out what this is if it's actually a problem at all. Over watering and under watering look the same. I don't water until the first inch or 2 are dry. So I don't think its overwatering. Temps stay below 80 and humidity is around 40-50% with fresh air coming into the tent...
  6. M

    Easy Question - Noob Guidance

    Hey 420 crew. So I've started my very first grow. Grow Tent - 2.2x2.2x5.2 Light - Mars Hydro II 400 Pot - 5 Gallon Fabric Medium - Super Soil Strain - CKS Green Crack Fem So far so good. I went from sprouted seedling to 5 gallon pot. I know, overpotted and watering could be a tricky...
  7. S

    Rookie grower first plant - Need help sexing

    I think shes a girl?
  8. BronxBoy

    Amnesia Haze autoflower slow to mature

    Friends, noob here with a 1st-time grow question. I've got an autoflower amnesia haze in organic soil. It's a big pot, 5 gallons, indoor tent grow with dual CFL lights. I vegged for about 10 weeks w 6500k CFLs on a 24/0 cycle. When she started flowering I switched to 2700k CFLs and went to...
  9. Ron Strider

    Dope-Smoking Mother "Cures" Her Dog's Anxiety And Arthritis With Cannabis Oil

    A mother who smokes cannabis claims she has cured her dog's anxiety and arthritis by making biscuits with oil from the drug. Marianne Dickson said her rescue dog Honey used to cower from other dogs, and was nervous before she baked the treats with a dose of CBD oil six months ago. Although...
  10. A

    Stem growing slightly bent!

    Hi everyone, I'll try and make this quick. This is my first grow, helpful criticism is appreciated.details as followed: She's 1 month old to the date, at about 2 weeks old i transplanted to a bigger pot due to the fact i was going out of town for a few days and didn't want to get rootbound...
  11. S

    Question about trichome maturation

    Heya everyone, I'm close to harvest on one of my plants and I'd like some advice from the pros. Do you think she's ready?
  12. F

    Spring break is coming up and my plant is 5 weeks into flower - What are my options?

    So my autoflowering plant didn't finish up as fast I was expecting. She's in week 5 of flower, coated in sugary trichs, and is fattening up daily. Smells so good like fruity buds. Pistils have just now starting to turn amber/brown over the weekend. Friday is the start of my spring break, and of...
  13. SweetSue

    SweetSue's Perpetual 2.0 - The Transition To Doc Bud's HBB Kit

    We've hit 550 pages on the previous journal, more than enough reason to start anew. I'll try to keep the additions to between 300-400 pages from now on. We do enjoy each other's company, don't we? I'm transitioning the entire grow over to Doc Bud's High BrixBlend kit, which most of us...
  14. aliennnz

    Light fell on plant during night

    you guys think shes gona be fine?
  15. G

    Droopy plant

    Hey guys. Growing a single mr nice mango haze in a 4x4 in a 8gal airpot. I'm under a 200w cxb3590 fixture and recently added 4 Rw 75 area 51s. So here's my problem...My plant droops a lot. It's usually worse in the evenings and after I water. She will droop and than look much better the next...
  16. K

    TX: Leander Mom Wants To Try Cannabis Oil To Ease Daughter's Seizures

    Leander, Texas - Kenza Hocini, 2, has more than a 100 seizures a day. The 24-pound girl is confined to a wheelchair because she can't stand, sit or do anything by herself. She can't even eat on her own. "I thought she was having 20 to 30 seizures a day, we did her EEG three weeks ago and...
  17. Oful33

    300w MARS LED, how far from tops during flowering?

    Hello :welcome: I'm growing using 300w MARS LED, keeping it at 8", everything seems fine (other than she's growing slower than expected), no light burn or anything, dark green healty leaves. But I'm a little concerned, isn't this a little bit too close? I could only hang the light ether at...
  18. C

    Is this CK Auto NL ready yet?

    hello! i have been having good fun trying to grow this CK auto NL for the past couple of months... today is day 69. i think she's getting close and i was hoping for some more expert opinions. here's some photos : it's my first attempt, so i am not super sure. i...
  19. S

    Please help me asap!

    So this is baby plant I'm just curious what's wrong with her? I'm thinking over watered or underwatered but I can't tell honestly. She's in fox farms soil under enough light and everything! Please help!
  20. L

    No issues - Just opinions - Any constructive advice

    So not looking for advice just opinions on how she looks Skunk #1 Veg for 8.5 weeks Flowering 3 weeks 250 cfl bulb 8 inches away Oil heater on 24/7 keeping temp at 21-24°c Humid between 40-60% Plagron royal mix soil Watered every 5-7 days depending on how dry the soil is...