shining silver haze

  1. C

    How to get started Shining Silver Haze

    Hi Guy, I want to grow Shining Silver Haze. I bought 2 seeds, but how do I get started? Would you tell me the items I need to use? How do you need a pot? How many lamps and watts should I use? Please help me with the matter :)
  2. Cdogg

    New grower new member currently scrogging Shining Silver Haze

    Hey guys check out my grow journal in my signature 6 x shining silver haze 300w cfl/600w MH/ 600w hps I'm in week three of flower and all is looking gooood :thumb: I've already had some help getting used to the site and am really happy and grateful I picked :420: Peace
  3. Cdogg

    Abandoned Shining Silver Haze - Scrog Grow - 600W - Soil

    New to the site and decided to share my first grow ... I'm in week 9 but just starting journal I will try create a walk through from beginning until end I'm a noob so bare with and feel free to advise if I make a mistake posting or growing likewise Shining silver haze scrog 300w CFL...
  4. GreenKitty

    Completed GreenKitty's 2nd Grow - Shining Silver Haze by RQS - CFL - Soil

    Welcome to my 2nd grow :3 As the seed has arrived just 2 days before Christmas and I just put it on the soil I guess she'll break ground just by new years, which will be really cool :) This one will NOT be an auto like my first grow. Information from the seed bank and Q&A Info: THC...
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