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  1. MackMcMacMac

    Shiny deformed leaves - Help!

    Hi! I'm growing from bag seed (first ever MJ plant!) in FoxFarms Ocean Forest soil, nothing added. Water pH is 6 and runoff is pH 6. I switched to 12/12 on Saturday (Aug 19) but have not started giving any nutrients yet (I have a bottle of 0-10-10 ready to go). The plant is 31 days old from...
  2. Y

    Silver side of foam board ok or Mylar?

    I make a new grow box 3x3x6. I used the foam board insulation and the shiny side is facing in. I'm wondering if that's enough or should I put mylar film on the inside? I seen a comment somewhere that the dull side of aluminum foil reflects more light than the shiny side.which is hard for me to...
  3. M

    Shiny happy stoners everywhere

    hey beautiful people! this is the moonchild comin to ya from the south of saturn, from a hat box of my own frozen poems, omg but it's true. seeking shiny others, stoned first on the love they feel, and completed in our reefy lounge, all together, one, two, three. if a pigeon has a lasting...