1. F

    Safest seeds to Indy

    Anyone have issue getting seed in Indy. Who did u use and how did shipping go? Any recommendations is much appreciated.
  2. M

    Intro and shipping from UK

    Hey everyone, Grower newbie, but looking forward to joining the conversation and learning from some pros. Can anybody point me in the right direction for some guidance on shipping from the UK? I have a package that has been pretty slow to get here, but I may just need my expectations...
  3. Gorilla Seeds

    Best Christmas Seed Gift Pack Plus Free Shipping on Gorilla Seeds!

    Visit Gorilla Seeds for the best Christmas Feminised Seed Gift Packs and Deals - Free Shipping limited time only! Cannabis Seeds direct from Gorilla Seeds & click on the Christmas banner from the homepage to find out more about our special freebies Happy Christmas! -Big G
  4. GodOfPot

    Suppliers & Retailers

    Good day gents and ladies. New grower here hoping to find some info or compile a list of suppliers/retailers for products in Canada. I find that as I learn more and more, and get advised about more and more products, more so specifically on some of these "higher" tier organic products, it's...
  5. B

    2 weeks - No seeds?

    Has anyone else had this issue? I received a shipping email on the 12th of January and the seeds still haven't come (January 26th). It should be noted that I'm in Canada, where it is perfectly legal to purchase and order cannabis seeds. Also, no customs to get through as this is a Canadian based...
  6. SewStoned

    Crop King Seeds is awesome

    Ordered my blueberry and dutch treat on Fri, sept 23rd. Arrived 3 days later, monday sept 26. Super fast shipping, helpful customer service, great looking seeds! Will definately order again!:thanks:
  7. BonzaSeedBank

    August Sale At Bonza!

    We are having an amazing sale for August! Come check us out with a wide variety of strains and discreet packaging shipping worldwide!
  8. Gorilla Seeds

    Gorilla Seeds - Free Shipping With Code Through 07/31/2016

    With any order totaling at least 35 gbp/$50 US in seeds (shipping/stealth do not count) can get free shipping by entering SHIP in the coupon code area - open your basket before you go to checkout. Usually, the order has to be 99 gbp before we waive shipping. Note that free shipping does...
  9. J awesome seeds

    I recommend to anyone who wants a large selection and thinks customer service means alot. So get off your duff and order some seeds and watch em grow. Oh yeah about the shipping I got the guaranteed stealth shipping. So when I got my package it came with a bracelet which my wife loves...
  10. movie1212

    Super swift and very stealthy

    I place two orders this past week with Crop King Seeds. I ordered 5 Afghan F1's ($35).using the regular $10 shipping. Two days later after 2 lowryders popped I wanted more autofem action for the summer. I ordered the AutoFem mix using the $30 shipping. Both arrived in six (6) days and this...
  11. Stinky Snid

    Haze.IO Customer Product & Service Review 2016

    First of all id like to thank Haze.IO for their awesome promotions running every month here at 420 Magazine. With random giveaways, contest and all sort of great ways to spread the word about a great little seedbank trying to spread their wings and join the elite cannabis breeders from around...
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