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shiva skunk

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    Shiva Skunk... pretty excited! Dense nugs
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    Last stretch, shiva skunk
  3. Momma’s Kitchen

    Shiva Skunk - Bloom W6 - 5 gallon

    My beautiful Shiva Skunk! I was so surprised how this baby has done. Any others grow Shiva Skunk? How was it? Any tips for finishing?
  4. Momma’s Kitchen

    You Pick! Peyote Cookie, Shiva Skunk, Blue Chemo, Thai Lights, El Jefe, Purps, Blueberry, Gods Green Crack, Durban Poison

    YOU PICK WHICH ONE I WILL PLANT OUTSIDE! THE PLANT THAT GETS THE MOST VOTES TO PLANT OUTSIDE I WILL DO! Then journal Which one would you plant outside now? I live in BC, Canada. Closer to the water than inland. Weather is still colder at nights, and still chance of raining periods. I have...
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    Shiva Skunk, is amazing!!! Thick dense buds, thick short stalk.
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    Shiva Skunk... Oozin' loveliness! W5B, indoor, 1000W, soil, well water/PH'ed, Medi One, Big Bud Nutrients
  7. M

    Shiva Skunk Indoor Micro Closet Grow

    Hello everybody, this is my first time using 420 magazine to post on. I am in the middle of growing a Fem. Shiva Skunk seed from Sensi Seeds. It has been going great so far so I thought I'd make a journal and share for everybody, please ask any questions you may have, sit back and enjoy...
  8. S

    Indoor LED SCRoG grow - Blue Dream + Hindu Kush x Shiva Skunk

    This is a legal Medical Marijuana grow. I have grown many plants over the years and recently started growing cannabis although I have not yet documented a grow through an on-line grow journal. Since there is currently a lot of community interest in LED technology I figured others may be want to...
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