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  1. C

    Is it good to trim my plant during veg?

    I am about 3.5 weeks into and plan on running another 2 weeks I been thinking of trimming the bigger fan leaves and letting the main shoots grow out will it help grow the main shoots bigger or stun the plant?
  2. CookieMan

    Grape OG - Feminized - The Cali Connection

    Hi everybody, I am continuing the perpetual grow goal I have going and planted 6 feminized seeds from The Cali Connection of Grape OG. Only two sprouted. They have been pretty slow growing too in my opinion, but they are starting to look respectable. I must say, I am not impressed with The...
  3. H

    Newbie needs some guidance

    I have 3 plants showing all same issues. Plants are 2 to 2 1/2 months old in veg state. 24 hour light. Temp and humity been good. Im using 2 bags happyfrog and 1 bag of cheaper soil for my soil. Using Tap water. PH is around 7. I also plan to use all of foxfarms 3 liquid fertilizers.They were...
  4. Gronk

    What's happening to my new growth shoots?

    Hi guys. I had posted some pics of my DIY setup in my gallery and had asked for some help with a yellowing leaf problem on my flowering White Widow mother plant. But I must have posted in the wrong area or something stupid. So I will try here. This is a different problem from the yellowing leaf...
  5. MurryJuana

    First grow LST - Topping results - Feedback please!

    I've been growing this plant from seed for a good Month, 9ts the strongest of my bunch so I've decided to start training LST and Topping, I also trimmed the lower Fan Leaves, so the new shoots that have been growing could get more light... Now I'm kind of lost in what to do net concerning...
  6. J

    Veg time

    Growing 5 plants in a 6'Lx 6'Wx 7'h tent. Plants are unknown strain but judging by the short bushy status with dark green very wide leaves I'd say it's a indica dominate strain. I'm using 2X 1000hps in XXXL enclosed hoods and 5gal containers. Feeding Green Planet hydro fuel in promix. Temp is...