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  1. Pink Grapefruit Auto

    Pink Grapefruit Auto

    Pink Grapefruit Autoflower at 8 weeks from seed.
  2. Pink Grapefruit

    Pink Grapefruit

    Pink Grapefruit Auto from Short Stuff seeds.
  3. Kwsmoke

    Completed KWsmoke's 2017 Outdoor Auto Seedstock

    Howdy Everyone This will be my 2nd outdoor attempt this year. The first met a tragic and murky end, see my sig if you didn't ride along for that one. I've decided to try my hand at producing my own quality seeds. The prices for quality genetics are getting out of hand so I figured what...
  4. R

    Abandoned First Grow, Short Plants

    hey everyone im about to grow some plants of course lol but i wanted to know the shortest plants that have good thc/cbd/cbg and yield decent amounts. but there are actually some strains i wanted to know about : violator kush, white widow, barneys L s d plant (i know its agisnt the rules but give...
  5. Kwsmoke

    Abandoned KWsmoke's Short Stuff #1 Autoflower Grow

    Whats up everybody, so here's the deal. This will be my first grow journal for 420 magazine, but my second time growing. For my first grow I chose Medusa from Nirvana. This will be my first attempt with an autoflower strain, I decided to go with Short Stuff #1 from here are...
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