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  1. J

    First time, questions about seedlings

    Hello several questions about my babies they are white widow auto flowers I planted them on February 11 and they sprouted on February 13 One of them is about 3 inches tall with the seed still stuck on top I tried to get it off but it doesn't want to move and I don't want to play with it...
  2. Old Salt

    Third week of flowering - Do I prune some more?

    The Details: Strain: CKS Crown Royale (70% Indica) # of Plants: 4 (approx 8 colas / plant) Grow Type: Coco Cuir Grow Stage: Flowering (Day 103 of Grow / Day 20 of Flowering) Grow Cage Size: 3.8 US gal / 14.5l (1" [2.5cm] cage mesh / 2" [5cm] screen mesh) Lights: (300W Actual) King X6...
  3. N

    RX Green Solutions for Hydroponics - To pH or not to pH?

    Hello, This is my first time attempting to grow Cannabis, and I haven't been able to find a direct answer to this question so far.. I recently bought a hydroponics grow box from a company called Dealzer, I believe it's called Cash Crop 4.0. The box came as a "starter kit" with everything...
  4. B

    Should I remove all seeds from hermies?

    I am growing AK47 and Time Wreck, feminized. Even though I scoured them daily for flowers or hermies, didn't find any, now that I'm in the 7th week of bud, about half of the plants have seeds. I will never grow feminized again. They suffered no stress that I know of. There is a ton of info...
  5. G

    Caution with dogs

    Dogs have more cannabinoid receptors than any other mammal and can easily overdose on THC. So a lower dose should be used. Or use a low THC strain of Cannabis.
  6. F


    What should my humidity be on final two weeks of my grow I have been to a few different sites and it's a shit show. I'm currently running at 30-35 percent and was wondering if I should raise it. I'm currently bring in fresh Alberta air and exhaustion 6 in carbon. Room temp day is 74-76 night is...
  7. O

    Basic questions I can't find the answers to

    Hi, im a new grower and the last 2-3 months Ive started my first grow und read a lot about cannabis but some basic questions I couldnt find the answers to. 1. My tap water has a very bad cal/mag ratio 11:1 (70mg/l cal and 6mg/l mag) should I add some magnesium to get a 3:1 ratio ? AND...
  8. B

    Just getting started

    I just germinated and planted Northern Lights Autos. What would be the best feed for these and when should I start feeding. Thanks in advance for any and all help.
  9. T

    Nute burn? Nute lockout?

    Hey guys! Check out the pic below and tell me what you think. I test my runoff after feeding and the PPMs don't show these plants to be feeding as much as I think they should. So I'm thinking of flushing. My buddy says though that he thinks it's just nut burn and I should scale back a bit...
  10. K


    What should my ph be when flushing with water?
  11. F

    Exhaust and fan

    Should I exhaust my grow room during lights out and should I keep a ground fan circulating sorry this probably exists somewhere but I just ran out of time
  12. Ron Strider

    WA: Marijuana Grower Smells Chance To Gain Farm Status

    A Washington marijuana grower argues his farm is an agricultural activity and should be exempt from the state's Clean Air Act. An appeals panel will tour a Western Washington farm in January to help it decide whether smells from harvesting marijuana should be treated with the same leniency as...
  13. A

    MH for flower?

    Hey all. Been using MH for veg and HPS for flower for many, many, years. Now, I am having people tell me to flower WITH my MH systems, and I'll have more potent medicine. Should I try this? I am almost ready to flip 2 Blue Dream girls. Opinion PLEASE!
  14. M

    1st time indoors - Just curious if I'm good

    I have a 4'x4'x76" tent. I have 2 300w fs LEDS. 1 600w hood with MH in now. HPS to put in for flowering. Im 5 weeks in. When should I switch the bulbs and start reducing timer? I got 3 white cookies and 2 Cali og.
  15. A

    CO2 - BakeSoda & vinegar - Anyone using - Thoughts?

    Title says it all, I'm considering setting up this rig for a 4x4' tent. - Thoughts & experience ? A few more concerns on my first grow, 20 days from seed pop. - Daytime canopy temps been peaking @ 90, no stress indications. Should I stress? - Highly organic, good drained medium...
  16. W

    Newbie grower

    So I'm growing Cali OG kush/haze. I'm curious to know how long you should typically veg this strain if anyone knows? Thanks
  17. F

    When do I need to use humidity domes?

    Hi, I planted my germinated seeds today in the pots. I've put a 1.5L transparent bottle of coke on top of each pots. Should I let it there? or wait for the seed to pop before I put it on? by pop, I mean out of the ground
  18. HigherTheHigh

    Can I use Terpinator while I flush?

    Like the title says, i just need to no if i run it till chop will it leave an after taste or should i just go for unsulphered molasses? Here is a link to the terpinator page: Home - terpinator.com
  19. Ron Strider

    Meet The 'Father Of Marijuana Research'

    Raphael Mechoulam started his first marijuana project by walking into a police station and asking for some confiscated weed–for research purposes. "I went there, drank coffee with the policemen and got 5 kilos of cannabis, hashish," he said. Decades later, the 87-year-old Israeli chemist...
  20. S

    Help with CO2

    CO2 I am growing hydroponicly in a 4ft x 5ft closet in my bedroom using led lights. Should I add a CO2 generator ( home made ) in there and also is it safe to breathe? I'm afraid they arn't getting enough air. Thanks
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