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  1. D

    Ultimate Gold Ultimate golden shower review?

    I picked up Ultimate Gold Ultimate golden shower with the intent of using it on a pre employment. I have been looking around to see if there are any reviews to confirm that it will pass but i can't find much of anything. Has anyone every used it?
  2. T

    Spider mite shower treatment help

    hi all, ive just started growing for the first time and have been coming here for all my information but ive got a question i cant find an answer to. Im growing indoors and recently ive found very fine spider webbing on my plants and have come to the conclusion i have a spider mite problem...
  3. Nicholas Flamel

    The Flower Shower Of Buds - LED - Soil - General Organics

    Hello my fellow bud lovers! The last journal was fun so ill do another. As some of you already know, i have a vivid imagination. I recommend smoking a bowl 5 min prior to viewing this journal to get full effect. Strains in Flower: Goldmine Fem (Heavyweight seeds) day 14 Flower...