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sick buds flowering

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    Help! Sorry if this is in the wrong thread

    Hey guys! Not entirely new to growing but I cannot for the life of me figure out whats going on! These weird signs are only shown on ONE of the GSC. They were all cut from the same mother. Grow Details Girl Scout Cut day 42 of flower Temp - 69 Fahrenheit Light - 525w NextLight LED...
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    Biggest colas seem almost dead/sick - Help!

    I have come to look after my bros plants and am completely inexperienced in all areas of growing! Not only that he seems to have left me without any of the tools required to troubleshoot! Im ordering a pH meter and a ppm meter tonight, how important is quality here? Cos Im seriously skint and...
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    Sick BlueBerry Haze plant, need help please

    This single Blueberry Haze plant has been growing in a 8x8' room for approximately 8 weeks, leaving 4 more weeks for flowering (roughly). All the plants have exhibited weak moments - drooping leaves, discoloring, etc - but have recovered brilliantly with proper correction. This particular plant...
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    flowering stage bud problem

    Hi, I'm new here but I've read things in this forum/site before... Introductions later, I have a bud problem with one of my 3 babies Soil Grow chocolate skunk x3 2/3 weeks from harvest not much space in a secret jardin DS60... I use 5.5ph water at the moment, I keep humidity...
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