sick cannabis

  1. Buddua

    Sick plants?

    Hello I’m new here. My clones have done well for the first few weeks I’ve had them they were potted in FFOF soil with 40% perlite added. Just recently I’ve noticed a big change in these two and could use some advice. When I adjust my PH I get my water to 6.0. I use an LED grow light and I have...
  2. L

    Rusty seedlings again: help please

    OK here I am again with the same problem as last grow although THIS TIME I'M USING CANNA COCO. LAST TIME WAS SOIL. OK folks il start with the setup. 4x4 grow tent 15litre fabric pots 4 Auto stardawg Ph 5.8 Temps on 27 off 21 Humidity about 46 lights on about 60 lights off Extractor fan and small...
  3. D

    Plants look sick and seem stunted

    Strains mk ultra auto 7 L cloth pot and speedy boom auto 3 L cloth pot (smaller plant) lower leaves falling off leaves look sickly (see pictures) started 2 weeks ago seems a bit stunted , growing in a closet with just doors not ventilation maybe my issue? Temps been up to 30 degrees Celsius ...
  4. M

    Sick plant, need help

    Hey everyone, i have an autoflower here that popped soil around Nov.5th so she's 6 or so weeks old and im starting to see some yellowing along with that weird rust color i see all over the internet. Since its more so on the top im assuming it might be an imobile nute def. Or over nute idk 600w...
  5. G

    Looking for help with this sick plant

    This is my very first grow, from the time she got her first true leaves they were always twisted so I figured the twist must come from it's particular phenotype but it's growing a lot shorter then my other plants and you look closely there's yellow spots on the leaves and the other one with the...
  6. sugboats

    Seedling has strange spot

    My plant developed these spots overnight. Any concern of spreading? May be slightly overwatered, but plant seems relatively healthy.
  7. Z

    Hello! And help! Please!

    Hello all and thanks 600 watt hps run on 75% right now topbrand potting soil fox farm grow big and call mag. 75 to 85 degrees in room with 30 to 45 rh. Plants did great until fungus gnats got me. I eradicated with 3%peroxide 1 to4 ratio of water. And then the plants started going downhill. I ran...
  8. CharlieG

    Tiny plant 18 days old what am I doing wrong?

    So I planted this seed about 5 weeks after I started my original two seeds. This is three weeks of growth and she has very slowly popped out of the soil and is currently at this stage Not very impressive for three weeks old I think you will agree. I should note that she has been like this for...
  9. C

    Possibly TMV problem

    Hello guys, I've decided to make my own post, since I haven't found anything that might help me, across the google search results and also on our threads. So as in the tittle, I suspect the TMV for a long time now. I was worried about this weeks ago, and I'm worried now. But I've decided...
  10. J

    2nd time around - Girls are getting ill and I have no clue

    Hey guys, I am so new it hurts... This is my 2nd go round and I am afraid I am going down my same path... I have switched over my girls into flower, running PH between 5.5 and 6. Using Future harvest nutrients in my roommate. Just switched to 12/12 and in my 2nd week. Have C02 injection...
  11. S

    Sick plant - Spider mites confirmed - Not sure if anything else is wrong!

    Hello, I'm looking for a little bit of guidance here. I have 3 plants in veg, 7 months old. I'm not sure when the spider mites arrived, but it's been over a month, possibly two. Since discovery, I went and got one brand of pest spray that the grow shop employee recommended i use. It seems...
  12. Blondhottie

    Urgent - Needing help to figure out what's wrong?

    what is going on, dont get what the issue is, just dried out so re-water. I changed the PH and still like this. The soil I used is very good for growing with peat moss and some nutrients. I got 2-1-3. Its making them happy, doing it 3 times a week, 250ml per 5L of water. The Fert I am using...
  13. T

    First time grower - Plants sick?

    Hi im going to be starting a grow journal here. this us my first time growing ever. As oregon is now legal for all residents to grow 4 plants. So im in ! so it first started after mt seedlings spear leafs. The first set of leaves after cotyledons. They started turning yellow at a fast rate...
  14. G

    Biggest colas seem almost dead/sick - Help!

    I have come to look after my bros plants and am completely inexperienced in all areas of growing! Not only that he seems to have left me without any of the tools required to troubleshoot! Im ordering a pH meter and a ppm meter tonight, how important is quality here? Cos Im seriously skint and...
  15. S

    hydroponics beginner need help asap

    Strain Platinum buba kush ,afghani Indica, How Many Plants 2 Vegetative stage If in Vegetative Stage... How Long 3 weeks Indoor Hydro Reservoir size 5 gallon bucket If Hydro, Reservoir Temperature? Medium? Rocks from homedepot If Hydro, what type of Setup? Dwc Lights 4 t8 CFl tubes...
  16. M

    New And Needing Advice On Sick Plant

    Hello Everybody I am a new grower and all has been well for my plants up until a few days ago. All of my plants are mysteriously showing yellowing/browning. My White Widow and Venice Beach Afghan are showing pretty much green leaves for the new growth so I am assuming they will be ok. The...
  17. M

    please help! my plants stems look like they are rotting!

    Can someone maybe give me an idea of what would be happening with my plants. My two plants look like their branches and stems are rotting and moulding. This has literally happened overnight. They are in budding stage and harvest is near. I have them in large size pots. Their whole growing stage...
  18. V

    Outdoor plant needs help!

    So as the title says I have a sick plant, unfortunately seeing as though this is my first plant I am not sure what exactly is wrong with it and was wondering if someone else did. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  19. P

    Help! grow problems

    Okay to start, week 1- (3 seeds) two were feminized 1 of which was autoflower and the 3rd was a rando seed I was growing in a closet with a 400w hps. about 1-2 weeks of the plants out of ground and they were really heat stressed. week 3 i moved into a smaller closet near ac window unit...
  20. B

    Yellow Stripe in my plant leaf... I bet you never have seen this.

    Long time reader new to posting. I have a small stealth Grow Box. I have one plant that has a strange color band in the leaves. I am thinking some sort of deficiency, but can't figure it out. I posted in other forums but none has ever seen it. My levels for heat and nutes are all good...
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