sick clones

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    Extreme upwards curl and crisp tips

    Plant is 2 weeks old since first above ground. This is my first grow. Did what I thought was a large amount of noob research, ended up on the decision to use the IronH3ad method, a modified Lucas formula. Genetics: Lemon kush fem Medium: 50/50 coco perlite Nutrients: 9ml GH...
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    clones are dying right after transplanting them

    The last 12 hours has been ugly last night we transplanted our healthy clones from the clonedome to soil the roots we healthy and popping out but since then they feel dry look dry and are sagging i need some help please any ideas its not the water or the soil i know that
  3. G

    Help - Clones & Seedling have Curling Leaves, Yellow outlines, and Brown Spots

    Hi guys, This is my first grow and I have been pretty lucky so far. I had a few issues early on but was able to correct them and now I have a new set of issues. I have a Mom plant (I think the strain is C4, unsure of age as we bought from a despensary), 5 large clones (from the mom...
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