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  1. D

    Unknown issue please help!

    Hi, doc I’m new here. I’m growing photoperiod white widow in soil she is in flower week 3. I used fox farm nutrients and follow their feeding schedule. After giving week 3 of flower feeding , my girl top leaves started turning browning and curling up. Idk what type of deficiency or problem...
  2. L

    Anyone know what this is? Help please

    Can anyone identify this deficiency please. I'm growing in normal shop brought multipurpose compost(same as i always use). Problem started from seed. Only affecting lower leaves and is spreading up as the plants grow. Been told its mag deficiency. Gave them 3 liters of pH 6.2 yesterday with 2ml...
  3. S

    1st Grow & Need Help Identifying Spots

    I am thinking I have a Calcium deficiency. I am useing Fox Farm Organic Forest with the Dirty Dozen line up fed full strength as scheduled. I was using distilled water without cal-mag. Once I saw the spots, got cal-mag and watered and have fed FF nutes at half strength with another dose of...
  4. Kaiser Wilhelm

    Deficiency Help With Kush 'n' Cookies Fem

    Hi all, I have a kush 'n' cookies in flower that has some nutrient deficiencies I can't quite figure out. This is my first grow in years and my first post here. Besides the perlite everything else is new to me (lights, nutes, strain). She is growing entirely in perlite, 5 gallon pot ~30 days...
  5. T

    Need urgent help! Leaves are turning yellow & pale in vegetative stage

    I have got ''Speed Seeds'' Lowryder # 2 x AK 47 Auto. I have started the light schedule with CFL and Led both in first two weeks, CFL's 1x85W white color, 3x20W daylight color. Led's 1x80W bulb (120 pieces of led chips), 1x15W bulb (5 pieces of led chips), 1x10 W bulb (106 pieces of led...
  6. E

    Plant problems

    Hey guys I'm a first time grower and my plants aren't looking to happy. Two of my plants grew in with curly deformed leaves, the rest of them are turning yellow with brown tips that point straight up. I have 7 plants, im growing with a 450 w led light, miracle grow potting soil (didn't realize...
  7. K

    Sick WW need a doctor

    Can anyone help me out here my Cks White widows are sick. I haven'y fed them yet but they may have not like the heat in my growbox, they are now in my tent. I have the GH flora grow box of nutes. What should I do? They are almost 3 wks old. :volcano-smiley:
  8. Blondhottie

    Urgent - Needing help to figure out what's wrong?

    what is going on, dont get what the issue is, just dried out so re-water. I changed the PH and still like this. The soil I used is very good for growing with peat moss and some nutrients. I got 2-1-3. Its making them happy, doing it 3 times a week, 250ml per 5L of water. The Fert I am using...
  9. W

    Please help - New grower - Dark brown spots spreading on my DWC plant leaves

    Please Help!! First grow and cannot find a suitable example anywhere to help me with my diagnosis of what's wrong here. It has now spread to my bigger plant and very visible over quite a few leaves. Any help with suggestions and remedies appreciated and happy to answer any questions ect. Cheers...
  10. L

    Help - First grow - 3 week old plants rather unhealthy

    Hello everyone This is my first grow, I hope you can help as this is driving me mad. I can see some yellowing, the veins are still dark. It only started with the older leaves but can now see it on the new growth. I do not know if I should flush... What Strain is it? OG Kush auto Flower...
  11. A

    Dying leaf tips

    Hi all, My baby is ill and I don't know how to remedy her. She is an outdoor plant. I noticed my leaves started dying at the tips, only some of the leaves do this, the others seem fine and healthy. any idea why this happens and how to fix this?
  12. F

    What's wrong with these leaves?

    Hi It's my first time grow and I have made quite a few mistakes, 6 plants in 1 pot being the first. Then they accidentally overwatered because the holes in the pot weren't big enough, They're 6 auto's, 3 White Widow 3 Sensi Skunk about 5 weeks old. Any advice for salvaging this mess is welcome...
  13. M

    Help please! Newb grower sick plant

    Plant is 13 days old, was doing great until two days ago...the first set of leaves started yellowing and eventually just died, its working its way up the plant..everything ive read suggests fungus gnats or N def..i have been using organic soil, miracle gro plant food, 4 60w equivalent cfl...
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