sick plant

  1. Y

    Drying and curling leaves

    Hello everyone, i have been growing this beauty since april, at first there was a bit of notrigen toxicity, then i started to see the upper leaves curl because of light burn (temps were too hot) and now this, some leaves seem to be getting dry and turning a brownish color on bottom leaves i have...
  2. M

    Sick plant, need help

    Hey everyone, i have an autoflower here that popped soil around Nov.5th so she's 6 or so weeks old and im starting to see some yellowing along with that weird rust color i see all over the internet. Since its more so on the top im assuming it might be an imobile nute def. Or over nute idk 600w...
  3. M

    Advice needed

    Hello there anyone have any ideas what this could be? Running undercurrent system, ph 5.7 to 6.3 feed at 1.4. Under high powered led at first I thought it was light stress but now not so sure. Ph keeps dropping quickly
  4. A

    What’s on the leaf?

    I hope someone will know what is this, found this on the back side of the leaf. Look like slime molds. I looked at the other leaves and found nothing like that, but I remembered that I saw a few of these on the stems a few days ago.
  5. A

    White spots on leaves

    Hello, I hope someone can help me with this, white spots on leafs, flowering stage, buds are healthy. Some problems with ph balance, it’s a bit higher than 7, temperature is 23-24, humidity 40-50%. Also on my second plant there is tiny tiny white dots and rust spots on bigger fan leafs:( Leafs...
  6. CharlieG

    Yellowing leaves on my first grow - Any concern?

    Strain - candy cane auto # of Plants - 3 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - flower Bucket Size - 3 Gallon Lights - 1 300w led and 1 600w led Nutrients - canna Flores just starting giving them CMX. Medium - canna terra professional. black peat, granulated peat moss and perlite. PH - water I try to...
  7. B

    Help - Plant is dying at a young age and I don't know what's wrong with it

    hello this is literally my first ever grow. i did lots of research and everything i know is from doing internet searches. i bought five BigBud feminized seeds from an online seed bank, i germinated a seed. it germinated fine and i planted it in a small pot (since it was just a seedling)...
  8. T

    Help! All sorts of symptoms! White spots on new growth!

    my plants are sick, it has had curling leaves, brown spots and some choppy leaves. i have been flowering for about 4 months and it had aphids before, i guess what my concern is that it could be leftover aphids or something much worst. Maybe a nute defiency of ph inbalance! i hope someone can...
  9. F

    Help! A sick plant

    This is my only plant this year and the leaves around 2 of the buds are dying. It appears to be spreading rather fast. Have been careful about over watering and am feeding it organic Bio Bizz nutes once per week in the suggested amounts. Any ideas on what this could be and what I could do about...
  10. T

    Sick plant leaves clawing and turning yellow at the bottom

    Hello everyone i hate to be a bother but my plants are not looking so well and i have tried looking everywhere but the problems i have could be a few things like. copper def nitrogen def nitrogen tox or even just overwatering. im thinking nitrogen def but before i did anything I wanted to ask...
  11. E

    Newbie help! Can someone please diagnose my plants?

    Hi! I am a complete newbie to growing, first time. I made a box that is reflective from the inside, intake fans, output, led and cfl lights. I have 3 photoperiod plants, KO in soil, a double berry and white widow in coco, all 3 weeks, plus I have two auto flowers in soil, blue berry and...
  12. A

    Need some advice about sick plant - Odd color on leaves - Weird sickness

    I really need to figure this out, if any of you guys could help me out, I'd really appreciate it. Haven't gave her any nutes, she about 30 inch from the light, still in a solo cup. Not really sure what's wrong she just started to get these weird spots for no reason. Roots organics soil.
  13. A

    Please diagnose this plant - I really need help - First grow - Thank you

    Guy i need some help!!!! can someone tell me what i have to do too these two plants? any feed back would be highly appreciated, thank you very much.
  14. B

    Can anyone help - Sick plant don't know where to post!

    Much advice would be appreciated
  15. G

    Sick marijuana plant - Please help

    Hi guys this is my first grow have been growing in some outside soil mixed with a tomatoe growing pot mix and some perlite has been growing well since july Until now were i have droopy leaves (some leaves the tips are curling) I have probably been overwatering but after 2 weeks of just watering...
  16. F

    What's wrong with these leaves?

    Hi It's my first time grow and I have made quite a few mistakes, 6 plants in 1 pot being the first. Then they accidentally overwatered because the holes in the pot weren't big enough, They're 6 auto's, 3 White Widow 3 Sensi Skunk about 5 weeks old. Any advice for salvaging this mess is welcome...
  17. M

    Help Diagnosing my plant!

    I'm new to growing and my plant seems to be doing great besides a few things. The top leaves are huge and very green, but are doing the 90 degree clawing thing which makes me think it's getting too much nitrogen. But, the bottom leaves are turning yellow, shriveling up and falling off which...
  18. B

    Need assistance making a rescue!

    sorry for the poor quality and spine tangeling angle of the picture. I rescued one of my buddies outdoor ladies about 10 days ago. what it was lookin' like before me:: rough outdoor environment random soil tap watered very small pot My additions Under 1 a platinumgrow P300 I...
  19. T

    Plant is in trouble but not sure what kind -- Please help

    My grow (only my 2nd): heavyweight fruit punch feminised soil: FFOF nutes: 1/4tsp per gallon twice since I started (FF grow big) 8 weeks in veg currently on 15th day of flower using 2 150W LEDs 3' by 1.7' 5.5' tent with 250CFM exhaust fan 78F during lights on 66F lights off 35% humidity...
  20. N

    Help please

    Was up!? I have 2 question, I really hope I can get some help. I have a auto, getting 24h light, week 2 in bloom. Lower leaf look helthy and is dark green, but new growth is very light green, allmoste white!? And sometimes, like 3-4h every day it looks sad, all the new growth...
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