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sick plants

  1. G

    New Grower: Need Help Please!

    hi my plants arent doing so good, they keep getting yellow with brown spots, or basically overnight the leafs will turn crispy and almost black in some parts just dead, seems like most of the plants the bottom leafs are getting messed up, but my biggest plant is completely yellow with brown...
  2. M

    Advice needed

    Hello there anyone have any ideas what this could be? Running undercurrent system, ph 5.7 to 6.3 feed at 1.4. Under high powered led at first I thought it was light stress but now not so sure. Ph keeps dropping quickly
  3. G

    Biggest colas seem almost dead/sick - Help!

    I have come to look after my bros plants and am completely inexperienced in all areas of growing! Not only that he seems to have left me without any of the tools required to troubleshoot! Im ordering a pH meter and a ppm meter tonight, how important is quality here? Cos Im seriously skint and...
  4. A

    Dying leaf tips

    Hi all, My baby is ill and I don't know how to remedy her. She is an outdoor plant. I noticed my leaves started dying at the tips, only some of the leaves do this, the others seem fine and healthy. any idea why this happens and how to fix this?
  5. P

    Wilting Plant Please help

    I started with 4 plants. About 2 months went by and 2 of the 4 wilted and died.The other 2 have been hanging on but they are some what wilted and weak.The main stock looks pretty good to me. The leaves are pretty small and some of the tips are turning light brown . Any kind of advice would be...
  6. cap10cannabis

    Sick Plants in basement

    Ok i took these photos this morning of my mama's I recently transplanted 2 of them. The PH in my soil was very low 4.0-4.5. and I don't know why. I started using fox farms trio for 2 applications, but switched to earth juice products, bubble them for 24-48 hr's ( man do they froth ) adjust the...
  7. L

    Help first grow sick plants shiny gold smudges on leaves

    I made my first grow room in my closet its inside of a aquarium that I turned on its side so that I can use the slide top as a door its all covered in foil inside I didn't have the money to buy my own reflective material the plants seem to be doing fine I only have two plants one of them has...
  8. G

    First time grow! Need Help!

    Hello everyone so i am currently underway with my first grow. I have 3 ILGM white widow fem seeds in miracle grow organic soil. The seeds have popped out of the soil and are now on their second day above ground. I have a few questions as to the curvature of the leaves and am a little worried...
  9. B

    Some deficiency! Help!

    Hello, on sunday 1.11 the plants were looking totally normal, but yesterday (2.11) when I checked them out they started having yellow dots on the leaves ( see pics), and today when I re-checked them some of the plants leaves edges had starting to get really light and looking all wilt. What's...
  10. G

    Help - Clones & Seedling have Curling Leaves, Yellow outlines, and Brown Spots

    Hi guys, This is my first grow and I have been pretty lucky so far. I had a few issues early on but was able to correct them and now I have a new set of issues. I have a Mom plant (I think the strain is C4, unsure of age as we bought from a despensary), 5 large clones (from the mom...
  11. WizHigh

    Being sick around your plants

    Its starting to get cold around here and I usually come down with a cold around this time. Is it safe to be around my plants or what? I feel this cold coming on early.
  12. N

    Plants with multiple issues

    I'm new to joining this forum but I've been reading along with many of the grows here for the past year or two. I don't generally like to ask for help but I'm truly at a loss as to what to do at this point. I believe my plants are suffering from a number of issues and I'm not really experienced...
  13. H

    Easyryder help needed. Sick? Ready?

    Help! Is my easyryder sick? I know it has light burn but what about the leaves? Does it look done? Yes, I know, total newbie totally lost. Thanks for any advice. :peace2:
  14. C

    my six week babes have problems!

    well here is pic of my babies they are 6 weeks old. i can see they have some problems, for what i have read, this might be some magnesium def, iron def, or nit def?? i dont know exactly what might be'. i fed them with chase micronutrients from sea plants, and chase nitro for vegetative...
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