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    What do you guys do? DTE

    Not really a question….. but just curious on everyone’s feeding schedule using dry amendments? Doing a side by side with fox farm trio and their bestie blooms and cha Ching. Trying to run organic grow using dry amendments from down to earth in ocean forest soil and that’s it. Well and the...
  2. Side-By-Side Garden with Vulx Soil Amendment

    Side-By-Side Garden with Vulx Soil Amendment

    Vulx Volcanic Soil Amendment was added to the left side of this garden - we took a time lapse video to track the results!
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    Rook's 2nd Journal Grow - MarsHydro vs HPS 1000W - Side By Side

    This will be my second journal and hopefully a great one. I will be doing a side by side in a 5ft x 10ft tent. Inside 5x5 will 2 MarsHydro 2 1200w and the other side will be 1 1000w HPS Hortilux bulb powered by Solis Tek Ballast, reflector will either be Raptor 6" or Magnum xxxl 6". I have both...
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