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  1. F

    Help building first grow tent - 4 plants

    High everyone, I've never grown before so I'm taking the next few months to build the perfect tent for four plants. Here's what I'm considering as starters: Qt. 1 - 4'7" x 4'7" (x 6'6") Mars Tent Qt. 4 - 400W Mars II Total cost - $900 USD ($1150 CAD) I understand each light will...
  2. vyserage

    Veg stage fan leaf pruning issue

    What do you guy's think? I have my 6 plants and i have been every other day clipping off upper and middle fan leaves that are blocking light to lower nodes inside the middle of plant so that light easily penetrates the entire inner side of all shoots. Even if its a top fan leaf ill let it grow...
  3. Dusted


    Male, 62, single, Alberta. I've been growing indoors for about 40 years. I tried a side by side comparison with soil vs hydroponics under a 1k watt mercury vapour many years ago and got hooked on hydroponics. I actually still use my original setup, in an abbreviated fashion. The original...
  4. B

    First Grow Flowering Stage

    I'm 16 days into flowering I have 7 23 watt cfls 2700k 5 up top and 2 as side lighting I use b'Cuzz pk13 14 and bloom one plant 1Ft 6 inches tall
  5. R

    Very Small Grow - Inexpensive LED Options

    I have two very small grow areas. Each is 2' x 4' x 6' (48 cu. ft.) Veg side is doing well under T5s. When it comes to flowering, I figure 3 (4 max) five gallon containers will fit in the flower side. Was originally planning on staying with T5s for the flower side - sacrificing max growth for...
  6. B

    LST stem pruning question

    Hi, Once you get this far (i.e. 7 stems pointing upwards, all about same height, one main one and 6 side branches growing upwards from the main stem that you tied down) do you then prune out side shoots from the main stem? If the aim is for about 8 tops/colas per square foot, then I assume...
  7. R

    First DWC Grow Journal #1 Gorilla Bomb

    Hello fellow marijuana enthusiasts, very excited for this DWC grow. I've only done a few soil grows but they were all successful so I am hoping to do the same with hydroponics. The plan is to have 2 of them in the 10" pots for hydro then the 3rd one I will be doing soil as I purchased a $50...
  8. Ron Strider

    Marijuana Innovations May Alleviate Chronic Pain, Help Patients Kick Opioid Habit

    Escalating numbers of those addicted to opioids have caused state governments and private industries to explore alternatives for pain control and withdrawal, and viable options are emerging for both those who need to get off painkillers, and those who suffer from intense pain. The Daily...
  9. JayandFun

    My 1st Medical Grow - Thanks To NukeHeads.Com

    Hello! Thanks for stopping by! This is my first grow. I'm very excited to be here and share my my life and grow with everyone. About me - My name is Jay and I live with a seizure alert service dog named FunGoo. I was a 1st responder for the World Trade Center. Over the years my...
  10. B

    the fan flowing air threw the light

    the image is to the side but is this correct? also does the position where the light screws in matter...for example if you look on my diagram, the threads of the bulb are on the right. would it matter if the threads were the right side with the same direction airflow :420:
  11. Ron Strider

    MI: Marijuana Operations Might Be OK'd For City's West Side

    Medical marijuana growers and providers would be permitted to operate in certain industrial and commercial areas of the city, under a plan discussed Tuesday by the Battle Creek City Commission. In a Commission workshop session at City Hall, members and the public looked over maps and plans...
  12. Timmo

    Red yellow and blue tarps as shade cloth?

    Any reason to think that this is a bad idea? This is the south side of the greenhouse. The north side of the roof, which has only half the square footage, has blue tarps, opaque tarps, and no tarps, so there's at least some white light getting in.
  13. D

    Top one side - FIM the other? What shall I do?

    My plant that topped its has been main lined with one side triploid and the other side diploid..i been thinking about topping the triploid side and fim the diploid side that way i get 3 tops on each side
  14. D

    Gonna call it Trippi Double Dragon

    So this is an update on the "seedling topped itself" and "the seedling that topped itself has one side triploid?"....as it has gotten used to being back ouside it is really starting to do its thing...it took a few lst sessions to get the short side to catch up..but now it has caught up and im...
  15. D

    Seedling topped itself

    Whats up fam! So i started a random strain seed and i had it outdoors for about 2 weeks..now it is inside under a led to make sure it gets propper light because i really want to see what it does..this is just an experiment grow to test the led and soil..i think the nutes in the soil stunted it...
  16. D

    South vs. north facing flower quality comparison

    Does the north side of an outdoor/greenhouse marijuana plant produce lesser results as compared to the southern facing side? In the northern hemisphere, our August-October flowering season sees the sun decline into the southern sky, greatly reducing the northern side of a plant's direct sun...
  17. S


    Is reflecting light not a good idea with a mirror either outdoor sun or indoor led. I.e. Reflecting towards bottom. Also, which side of the aluminum foil is best to reflect with? Thanx.
  18. B

    LED and HPS in same tent

    OK I new here, I have a 4x4 tent. Mars Hydro 96 reflector and a 600W MH / HPS side by side. Has anyone done this ? I veg 4 weeks and I'm on week 2 bloom. so far the best plants I ever had. last grow was with the LED only I had the Mars Hydro 96 reflector and a 90 W UFO side by side and plants...
  19. K

    AU: Why Is It Still So Hard For Patients In Need To Get Medicinal Cannabis?

    This week the federal government granted its first license for an Australian company to grow and harvest medical marijuana. This follows Australia's amending of the Narcotic Drugs Act 1967 to legalise the production and use of cannabis for medicinal purposes. The amendment came in February...
  20. H

    DIY Scrog Net - Feedback & Advice Required

    Hello Everyone, I will try and keep this short. 5x5x7 Grow Tent + 900 watt LED Vero29 12 Cob Fixture + 4 - 15 gallon smart pots + organic soil - from seed to finish. I was going to build 4 individual SCROGs so they have their own SCROG per plant. Pots are 18" x 18" and 13.5" deep (15...
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