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  1. Curly Beaver

    DIY Mobile Grow Wagon

    Seems how I have more time than money, I figure I just saved $79,950 on my mobile grow facility. (my cost was less than 50 bucks.) Here are the details on my CCW (Cannabis Covered Wagon) The wagon bed is 4X8 with 10 foot, 1/2" PVC pipe for the hoops Clear plastic can be rolled down...
  2. F

    Help me diagnose - Yellow tips & sides

    I have some larger plants outside where the problem is MUCH worse, basically the entire outside of the leaves is yellow. I am stumped since I didn't really change anything compared to last year - those are in soil and I am growing organic. Is this nute-burn or potassium deficiency? The...
  3. O

    Spotted leaf visible both sides

    Is it normal for the spots to be visible from both sides like this? I also am not sure what this is? Calcium?