1. Katelyn Baker

    MI: Bill Which Allows Landlords To Ban Medical Pot Awaits Governor's Signature

    Lansing, Mich. - A bill which would allow landlords to prohibit medical marijuana patients from growing or smoking the drug on leased residential property is on Governor Snyder's desk for signature. The bill, which passed 88-17 on December 14 in the Michigan House, was sent back to the Senate...
  2. Katelyn Baker

    CO: Judge Dismisses Pro-Pot Group's Suit

    The future of commercial marijuana in Pueblo County will be up to the voters. District Judge Jill Mattoon on Monday granted a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by pro-pot group Growing Pueblo's Future that deemed the petition circulated by anti-pot organization Citizens for a Healthy Pueblo...
  3. BlazingBill

    Petition For the White House to Legalize

    The White House We need 100,000 sigs for them to look at it and it has to be done by MAY 19.2016 So please spread the word and lets get this out there. Thanx! Bill :thanks:
  4. P

    Signature & Grow Journal

    Ok this will sound stupid and probably not in the good forum section, but I'm not used to forums and thread.... How do I link my grow journal to my signature ? and where is the signature section lol :-S Thanks for help !
  5. HealingKronic

    How To Put A Link To Your Grow In Your Sig

    Signature Tutorial Customizing your signature is easy to do. Signatures can be used to provide links to on-site threads such as your grow journal or photo member gallery. We do not allow links to product websites (unless they are to a paid sponsor), or other online communities and forums...
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